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We live in times of great change. Every change that we experience yields multiple opportunities, and granted we have the attention and adaptability necessary to take advantage of these opportunities, we can ride the waves of change no matter their size.

The advent of cryptocurrency is one which many people have recently taken to. As we know, currency is little more than a means of exchange agreed upon by two or more people. That agreement used to be centered upon fiat money that held no value whatsoever. However, now the tables have turned and the people are choosing decentralized currencies which holds actual value.

The fact is that fiat currencies such as the petrodollar represent some of the most corrupt, distorted and manipulative scams in human history. The centralization and privatization of the ponzi scheme of central banking has led to some of the world's greatest atrocities. It is for these reasons that Discerning the Mystery would like to provide an alternative means of exchange for anyone who would like to contribute, but do not want to use petrodollars to do so.

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For all of those who feel free to contribute, here are the various QVC codes for donating via cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that each code is unique to the specific type of currency. So please use the specific code which pertains to the type of currency listed.

Thank you all for your continued support. We hope that DTM can be just as beneficial to you as you have been to DTM.

Bitcoin – 1QEvKnPUNCNqHbNYBbx1yoTErmKy9otNhs

Bitcoin Cash – 1dXsw6cejrjixtZve2ryHP4LvSBfbin5i

Etherium – 0xfFBcbA0b56A0D4FA59a4D107470554DA66c11090

Litecoin – LkjfSMAC4sd9vyfMmu6crXwcPkmwKakvkS

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