Monday, July 4, 2022

FAR LEFT THREATENS WOMEN: Antifa Try to Shut Down Women's Rights Event in Bristol, England Telling Women, 'You're gonna die out'

Source: The Post Millennial

Published: June 19, 2022

By: Katie Daviscourt

A women's rights group in Bristol, UK spoke out against gender ideology on Sunday and were met with intimidation by members of Antifa who gathered to disrupt the event, attempting to shut it down.

The women were surrounded and harassed by men dressed in black bloc who yelled obscenities and accused them of being "transphobic fascists."

"You're gonna die out! You're gonna die out!" Antifa militants threatened, as they shielded their identities behind masks.


The severity of Antifa's threats and intimidation grew so severe that the women had to require police protection after the far-left militants tried to provoke physical altercations.

"Welcome to Bristol! Interesting to see which side has to cover their faces," a woman attending the event said on Twitter.

Sunday's event titled "Let Women Speak" was organized by Kellie-Jay Keen, a women's rights activist that works to preserve the female identity while leftists attempt to erase the true definition of a biological female.

Women attending the event said that they were "fed-up" with woke ideologies and explained that they were done being forced to compromise in the midst of their rights and identities being taken away.

As threats of violence and intimidation from Antifa increased, the women's rights group attempted to escape down an alleyway but were followed by both Antifa and trans rights activists. Video footage shows the angry mob of counter protesters running around the back of the alleyway, attempting to cut them off in order to prevent them from escaping. Police officers were forced to intervene.


After they were able to escape, the women convened at a nearby pub for food and drinks but were surrounded by Antifa militants. Police officers were forced to close the pub's gates due to the harassment.

The pub was then forced to stop serving patrons over Antifa's increasing intimidation and police officers had to escort the women out.

Before Sunday's event, multiple Antifa groups organized the direct action against the women's rights rally on both Twitter and Mastodon, where they conspired to hide their identities and threatened to throw the women into the harbor, The Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo reported.


One of the Antifa groups that organized the Bristol direct action on Twitter includes "Antihomophobe Action UK" (@181UK). The group posted a photo early Sunday of a flyer on a pole near the event that said "Anti-fascist area, racists not welcome."

Along with the picture of the threatening flyer, the group stated "Our struggles are intersectional, the same misogyny that threatens the safety of women is an attack on trans safety too. The same conservatives who attack trans healthcare access & representation also repress feminist & LGBTQ+ protests and attack abortion rights & women's autonomy."

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