Sunday, June 5, 2022

'SAVAGE': Man Refuses to Surrender ‘FCK BLM’ License Plate Despite City Warnings

Source: Daily Caller

Published: July 3, 2022

By: Sarah Weaver

A Honolulu, Hawaii, man is refusing to give up a license plate with the words “FCK BLM,” referring to the activist organization Black Lives Matter, written across it.

The license plate was first spotted in August 2021, and brought to the attention of city authorities. They recalled the plate, but the car is reportedly still driving around with the same plates, KITV4 reported Friday.


“We have sent three letters to the registered owner recalling the license plate. However, the registered owner has failed to surrender the plate. CSD has placed a hold on further renewals of his vehicle registration and his registration is now expired. HPD is able to cite the vehicle if it is being operated on the roads,” Honolulu’s Department of Customer Services told KITV4. (RELATED: BLM Chapter Co-Founder Torches Democrats: They Want To Keep Black Americans ‘Handicapped And Crippled’)

The City and County of Hawaii told KITV4 the license plate was “ill-advised oversight,” since license plates with “FCK” or “FKN” are not allowed.

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