Thursday, June 9, 2022

REPORT: San Francisco Voters Recall Far-Left DA, Sending a Clear Message to Other Soros-Backed Prosecutors

Source: Convention Of States

Published: June 07, 2022

By: Article V Patriot

Yesterday's recall election in San Francisco, the nation’s most liberal city, ended in shock when it became official that District Attorney Chesa Boudin had been recalled by a huge margin.

Now holding the accomplishment of being the first San Francisco district attorney to ever be recalled, over 60% of residents voted to recall Boudin while 39% voted to keep the progressive in office. 

The recall came just over two years into his term amid wide disapproval over the city’s increase in many problems, such as murder rates, violent crimes, shoplifting and burglaries. Boudin vowed to strive for “criminal justice reform,” just like many other district attorneys across the nation that have been backed by billionaire leftist George Soros. 


This impressive defeat could be a tell-tale sign of what’s to come in the midterm elections, and it’s also a reminder of why we need a Convention of States: to prevent power-hungry elites from buying elections at the state level. 

Billionaires who want extra power, like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, as well as politicians in Washington, can’t continue dominating state-run elections with their financial and "insider" influence. While it’s become increasingly difficult to prevent the wealthy from forcing their way into American politics, there is a way we can peacefully address the federal government’s power over the states.

Article V of the Constitution allows for a peaceful and lawful option to addressing federal officials’ power. It allows the states to convene on their own to discuss three topics: term limits, fiscal restraints and overall limitations to the federal government’s power and jurisdiction.

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