Thursday, May 19, 2022

OLD QUESTIONS RECEIVE NEW ATTENTION: Alternate Universe Could Be Real After All, Scientists Speculate After Experiment; But Why Ask Now?

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Source: Daily Wire

Published: May 19, 2022

By: Hank Berrien

Researchers working on an experiment with carbon atoms found evidence that could suggest an alternate reality actually exists.

Victor Galitski and Alireza Parhizkar at the University of Maryland prompted speculation when they stacked two graphene layers together.

“They realized that experiments on the electrical properties of stacked sheets of graphene produced results that looked like little universes and that the underlying phenomenon might generalize to other areas of physics,” a press release from the university stated.


“The scientists think that because the electrons can interact between two graphene layers, each just an atom-thick, they could exhibit other interactions from across space time,” The Sun reported.

“Stacked graphene’s exceptional electrical properties and possible connection to our reality having a twin comes from the special physics produced by patterns called moirĂ© patterns,” the press release explained. “MoirĂ© patterns form when two repeating patterns—anything from the hexagons of atoms in graphene sheets to the grids of window screens—overlap and one of the layers is twisted, offset, or stretched.”

The two scientists “realized that the physics in two sheets of graphene could be reinterpreted as the physics of two two-dimensional universes where electrons occasionally hop between universes,” the press release stated.

The scientists then extrapolated from the math involved in the experiment and used that math to apply to universes such as ours.

“We don’t claim—ever—that this solves cosmological constant problem,” Parhizkar cautioned. “That’s a very arrogant claim, to be honest. This is just a nice insight that if you have two universes with huge cosmological constants—like 120 orders of magnitude larger than what we observe—and if you combine them, there is still a chance that you can get a very small effective cosmological constant out of them.”

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