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MAKING IT TO THE BIG SCREEN: D'Souza Announces '2000 Mules' Returning to Theaters Nationwide After Strong Sales

Source: Western Journal

Published: May 17, 2022

By: Randy DeSoto

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza announced Monday that his latest documentary, “2000 Mules,” is returning to theaters nationwide this weekend thanks to popular demand.

D’Souza explained in a video posted to social media that the original two screening dates for the movie in theaters this month did not happen in the traditional way. Rather, he and Salem Media Group rented out approximately 300 theaters in which the film was shown once on two days.

But after “2000 Mules” took in more than $10 million in sales — between theater box office receipts and streaming — it is going back to theaters as a normal release.


“What happened is with the success of the movie, everyone talking about the movie, a lot of independent theaters began to call us. ‘Hey, why can’t we have this movie in the theater?’” D’Souza recounted.

He noted that despite “2000 Mules” being available for streaming online, a lot of people want to see it in theaters either individually or with political groups.

D’Souza said that rather than just being in about 300 theaters for one-time showings, the film will be screened throughout the day in about 400 theaters starting Friday, May 20, at the normal ticket price instead of the $20 price for the first special screenings.

“’2000 Mules’ is, well, the phrase in the movie business is ‘going wide,’” he said. “I want to make it go wide so that everyone can see it.”

It will stay in theaters as long as there is interest in the film.

In addition to the ticket price going down, the streaming cost is being cut from $29.99 to $19.99.


The central premise of “2000 Mules” is that an illegal ballot harvesting scheme took place during the 2020 general election in the key swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

These are all states that former President Donald Trump won in 2016 but flipped to Democratic President Joe Biden in 2020.

A “mule” is a term used in the movie for those who were allegedly paid to repeatedly pick up batches of ballots and place them in drop boxes.

The voter integrity group True the Vote worked with D’Souza on the documentary.

True the Vote said it used cellphone geo-tracking data to identify people who went to 10 or more drop boxes and made five or more visits to non-governmental organizations working on voter turnout during the 2020 election.

Politifact and The Associated Press have contended that geo-tracking is not a reliable way to determine if these were actually mules delivering ballots illegally.

The threshold of 10 or more visits per mule was meant to eliminate any possibility the visits could have been happenstance.

To further guard against accidentally picking up people who happened to pass by drop box locations regularly, True the Vote bought cellphone data from September, October and November, showing before, during and after election season.

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