Sunday, May 15, 2022

IGNORANT CENSURES: Dorsey Claims Twitter Reinstated NY Post’s Account ‘Almost Immediately’ after Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Proven True

Source: The Epoch Times

Published: May 1, 2022

By: Jack Phillips

Jack Dorsey, the former chief executive at Twitter, said the social media company reinstated the New York Post’s account “almost immediately,” although the paper has said it was locked out for more than two weeks.

Days after it was announced that Tesla CEO Elon Musk would take over the company, Dorsey posted that Twitter “went too far” when it blocked the sharing of a bombshell NY Post report about Hunter Biden’s laptop and overseas business dealings just weeks before the November 2020 election.


“I have tried taking a break from Twitter recently, but I must say: the company has always tried to do its best given the information it had. Every decision we made was ultimately my responsibility*,” Dorsey wrote. “In the cases we were wrong or went too far, we admitted it and worked to correct.”

In response, a Twitter user raised a question about the NY Post’s account being locked and the suppression of the laptop story. At the time, Twitter officials claimed the report violated its policies on hacked materials, although it was revealed that the Post—which was started by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton in the early 1800s and is considered one the oldest newspapers in the United States—had obtained the physical laptop hard drive.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post and The New York Times several weeks ago, in a reversal, reported that the contents of the laptop were authentic.

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