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SHAMELESS BIGOTRY: Daily Beast Contributor Accosts Random Asian Man at Bar, Mistakenly Thinking He's Andy Ngo

Source: The Post Millennial

Published: April 9, 2022

By: Libby Emmons

Thor Benson, a writer for a variety of left-wing media outlets, including The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, NBC News, and Business Insider, mistakenly believed he had encountered The Post Millennial's editor-at-large Andy Ngo in a bar in New Orleans and harassed the Asian man until he left.

"I just ran into Andy Ngo at a bar in New Orleans," Benson reported to Twitter. "I politely told him he's a 'garbage person.' Lol." The man was not Andy Ngo.

Ngo, a Portland, Oregon, native, was not even in New Orleans, nor Louisiana, at the time Benson approached the stranger and harassed him until he left.


Ngo reached out on Twitter to ask The Daily Beast's editor-in-chief Tracy Connor if she supports their contributor harassing strangers in bars simply because that contributor mistakes them for someone else. Connor also could not answer the question of whether or not she thinks Benson would have been correct to harass the man had he been Ngo.

Despite Ngo stating publicly that the Asian man Benson insulted and verbally harassed wasn't him, and being not even remotely in the region, Benson contended that the man he harassed out of the bar was Ngo, saying: "Would have been more convincing if you hadn't responded when I called you by your name."


Responses to the tweet encouraged Benson to treat the stranger roughly, with one Roel Miranda, whose Twitter bio says he lives in New Orleans, suggested Benson "Shoulda clocked him," before asking "what bar?"

Others wondered if Ngo was still there, such as a filmmaker who lists his pronouns in his bio, asking if Ngo was "still there," and asking that Benson let him know where so that he could "politely tell him something."

When Benson responded that the man had "just left," saying that he thought the man was made "nervous" by the harassing comment, the filmmaker said: "You did good then!"
Another user said that "An 'accidental' elbow to his grill—twice—would have been fitting."

Still others replied "Did you throw a whiskey sour with a brick garnish at him?  He needs the attention," and "Came here to say some people need to be hit with a brick …you said it better lol."

Benson has called others racist in the past, but it is clear from this encounter that he can't tell the difference between one Asian man and another, and let his hatred for a fellow journalist color his behavior to such an extreme extent.

Benson warned those who might take issue with his racist harassment of a man whom he incorrectly identified as Andy Ngo that they would be blocked if they spoke up either in support of Ngo or against Benson's obvious racism.

Others on Twitter noticed the irony of the leftist journalist who complains about the racism of others not being able to tell the difference between Asians. "White journalist harasses random Asian person at bar wrongly thinking he's Andy Ngo. Because I guess we all look the same," Lauren Chen wrote.

"'Andy Ngo is the white supremacist' screams the guy chasing random Asians out of bars because I guess they all look the same," Stephen Miller said.

A man who identifies as a liberal in his bio stated "This guy, who writes for a bunch of prominent sites, harassed an Asian man in a bar, thinking it was Andy Ngo, until he left. He then engaged in violent rhetoric with his followers, some asking where the bar is. Indiscriminate violence is too normalised in progressive circles."

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