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PERSEPCTIVE: What Clarence Thomas and Ketanji Brown Jackson Tell Us About Our Nation's Most Dangerous Threat

Source: Convention Of States

Published: March 28, 2022

By: David Vigna

Dear God, please heal and protect Justice Clarence Thomas. 
Dear Everyone Else, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

(Written during the hospitalization of Justice Thomas)

Depending on which “news” source you visit, Justice Clarence Thomas is either under medical care for the sniffles or on his deathbed. 

The Left is salivating with hopes of another leftist vote, while conservatives are quaking in their boots over the prospect of losing a steadfast defender of liberty as envisioned by the Founders. 


And, of course, we are regularly treated to the spectacle of confirmation hearings whenever a Court vacancy needs to be filled, such as is currently the case with the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer. 


While the Founders saw the Judicial branch as, at best, a co-equal branch of the federal government, along with the Executive and Legislative, one could argue that the judiciary is now running the place, thanks to a combination of “progressive” Supreme Court decisions, power-grabbing Executives and a feckless Congress all too ready to turn its law-making responsibilities over to the Administrative State. Say Senators and Representatives--“I’m for clean air and healthy people-make it happen, Federal Agencies!” 


The United States Constitution was written by delegates sent to Philadelphia by the States to create a limited federal government. As written, it had 18 enumerated powers detailed in Article I, Section 8 specifically, plus a handful of others throughout the Constitution, as described by Professor Robert G. Natelson in his excellent book, “The Original Constitution, What it Actually Said and Meant.” Care to guess how many powers the federal government currently has? The best estimate is somewhere between far too many and infinity. 

And so, whichever party controls the federal government has enormous power over the lives of everyday Americans. 

And so, and so, elections have become bet-the-farm contests, with the winner getting its mitts (ah, no pun) on the trillions of fake money and the millions of swamp dwellers churning out incomprehensible blather to further enslave the citizens and businesses who dutifully send their hard-earned wages to them for dilution and redistribution. 


Sitting atop this gluttonous circus are nine robed lawyers who decide who wins elections, who gets aborted, who gets to marry whom, who has to buy health care, wear masks, get jabbed with experimental drugs, etc. 


And the party in power gets to fill vacancies created by those who resign, retire or expire. 

Filling a vacancy used to be of some importance, of course, but not life-changing. That is, before the advent of the Leviathan in Washington DC, a/k/a the Swamp. 

Today, it means EVERYTHING! 

And the tension is palpable.

Whichever side you’re on, every election, every vacancy, every peep uttered in DC, becomes the stuff of breathless anticipation, with half the country elated and the other half outraged at the outcome. 

And as power becomes increasingly centralized, the safety valve Americans have always had-that is, to move to another state more in line with their values-disappears. This is not sustainable. 


Return all that power to the States and the people, where it originated, and the angst over winning and losing, the temptation to cheat, and the tendency to wish ill on another human being, for “ends justify the means" rationale, disappears. 

There is only one legal and bloodless way out of this mess, and that is to use the tool the Founders gave us in Article V of the Constitution, knowing this day would come. It is truly a solution as big as the problem. 

Let's use it. Put the federal government back in its limited-power box, and simply pray for the well-being of a Supreme Court Justice or any other high-ranking official when they need our prayers, without regard to political outcomes. 

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