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EXPOSÉ: A Sample of Biden’s Endless List of Broken Promises and Other Commentary

Source: NY Post

Published: October 20, 2021

By: Post Editorial Board

On Sept. 9, President Biden announced a vaccine-or-testing mandate but his administration is still weeks from actually issuing the regulations, snarks National Review’s Jim Geraghty. He vowed that border patrol officers who allegedly whipped migrants would “pay.” He wanted a police-reform bill by May, and “at one point to have the infrastructure bill passed by September, and that deadline was missed as well. (Getting it passed by Halloween doesn’t look too likely, either.)” 


He promised to keep troops in Afghanistan until all US citizens were out, to set up a national commission on policing, to end the use of standardized testing in schools, not to hold child immigrants in detention centers, not to tax anyone making less than $400,000 and to punish Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. Plus his “campaign-trail promise to cure cancer.” Huh: “Maybe Joe Biden just makes a lot of promises to a lot of people that he isn’t all that committed to keeping.”

Moderate: Dems Still Relying on Trump Card

The countrywide rise in straight-ticket voting “could result in more ‘nationalized’ elections,” notes Stuart Rothenberg at Roll Call. Virginia, for one, “has been trending Democratic for the last few years,” yet gov-race “polls show the contest is very competitive, and everyone seems to agree that turnout will decide the outcome.” Democrat Terry McAuliffe “hopes to successfully nationalize the contest,” painting Republican Glenn Youngkin as a Trumpie. But Youngkin is “a blank slate,” with no “record to attack,” who “comes from the business community and lives in voter-rich Northern Virginia.” Having chosen this strategy, Democrats’ burden is to convince voters through 2022 that “although Trump’s name is not on the ballot, every election is a referendum on him.”

Libertarian: Price of Dems’ Big Bill Rises

“The massive Democratic spending package” includes “the largest expansion of federal health care spending since Obamacare,” notes Reason’s Peter Suderman, and “a much better sense of just how big and costly” it’d be: “Two provisions alone would cost about $533 billion, according to a new analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.” One expands “Obamacare’s subsidies for private insurance, at a cost of $209.5 billion,” though “two-thirds of the new enrollees would be relatively well off, with household incomes above 400 percent of the poverty line.” The other: “a $323.1 billion expansion of Medicaid.” The CBO exposes both as “expensive and not particularly well targeted or cost-effective.”


A healthcare worker receives a Pfizer COVID-19 booster shot at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021, in Miami. - AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

From the right: Telling Silence on Florida COVID

“Florida’s COVID-19 response has been described as reckless, dangerous, and anti-science,” notes the Washington Examiner’s Sarah Westwood. “But drops in Florida’s case counts invite a fraction of the attention.” Look: “New infections per 100,000 residents dropped to 12 over the past week,” per The New York Times tracker. “Over the past 14 days, cases dropped by 48%.” New York case rate is now “more than double” Florida’s.” So much for those who “vilified Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for a pandemic response” that let businesses resume operations in May 2020 and lifted all restrictions that September. Naturally, “the state’s current COVID-19 decline has been framed” by the media not around DeSantis’ leadership, but “as a product of trends affecting all states — when it’s warranted coverage at all.”

Education beat: Parents Sue Their School Board

The Wall Street Journal editorial board flags parents’ against the Wellesley Public Schools “over woke policies they say violate their children’s rights,” such as “healing spaces” that explicitly exclude white students and “the school district’s handling of so-called bias incidents” so as to “penalize and chill speech.” They sued after the Biden Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights ignored their complaint months ago. “Parents shouldn’t have to go to court to have a say in how their children are taught, but they have no alternative when school administrators won’t listen.” This “suit could echo beyond New England.”

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