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DISCLOSURE: Prince Charles Asked Jimmy Savile for PR Advice Following Pe*dop*hilia Allegations, According to Newly Revealed Letters

Source: Independent

Published: April 6, 2022

By: Zoe Tidman

Prince Charles turned to Jimmy Savile for PR advice for the Royal Family, new letters between the pair reportedly reveal.

The Prince of Wales received suggestions from the BBC presenter - later publicly exposed as a paedophile - on how to navigate major public incidents, as well on his own speeches, according to a new Netflix documentary.

Seeking advice in one letter from the 1990s, he said Savile was “so good at understanding what makes people operate”.

The TV presenter was later revealed to be a sexual predator who used his BBC, charity and hospital work as a smokescreen. After his death in 2011, hundreds of survivors came forward with stories of abuse.


New docuseries Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story looks at his links with the ruling class, including former prime minister Margaret Thatcher and the British Royal Family.

It reveals a number of letters reportedly sent by the Prince of Wales in the 1980s and 1990s that were kept by Savile - and how the presenter offered advice on public relations.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Jimmy Savile in 1983 - (Getty Images)

One letter, sent in 1990, said: “You are so good at understanding what makes people operate and wonderfully sceptical and practical. Can you cast an eye over this draft and let me know how we can best appeal to people on this score?”

Another thanked Savile for help on a speech in 1991. It ead: “It really was extremely good of you to take the trouble to put together those splendid notes and they provided me with considerable food for thought. With renewed and heartfelt thanks. Yours ever, Charles.”

Prince Charles meets Sir Jimmy Savile during a visit to Scarborough in 2007 - (PA)

The letters were shown by Alison Bellamy, a Savlle biographer, who told the documentary Savile seemed a sort of “informal chief advisor” to the Prince of Wales at the time.


They reveal Savile also offered advice on how to react to major public incidents a month after the Lockerbie bombing.

Jimmy Savile outside Buckingham Palace in London after receiving his OBE in 1972 - (Getty Images)

This include advice that the Queen should be “advised in advance of any proposed action of family members” and an incident room with several phone lines.

Prince Charles replied to Savile: “I attach a copy of my memo on disasters, which incorporates your points and which I showed to my father, and he showed it to Her Majesty.”

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