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CONSEQUENCES: Taylor Lorenz Made a Career of Cancelling Random Citizens, Claims MSNBC is at Fault for Online Harassment and Mean Tweets

Source: The Post Millennial

Published: April 4, 2022

By: Libby Emmons

After Taylor Lorenz went on MSNBC and cried about being targeted for harassment on social media in response to her false allegations and accusations against others on social media platforms, she complained that she received even more harassment after her emotional display than before it.

Lorenz, who voluntarily went on MSNBC to talk about the online harassment she has experienced, complained that the left-wing news channel was to blame for the increase in harassment she'd received after she cried and said she was left with PTSD from the first round of mean tweets.

Thus far, Lorenz has blamed journalist Glenn Greenwald, Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson, and MSNBC for the mean tweets and DMs she's received, and claimed that her former employer The New York Times didn't do enough to protect her from online bullies.

"If your segment or story on 'online harassment' leads to even worse online harassment for your subjects, you f*cked up royally and should learn how to cover these things properly before ever talking about them again," she said.

Lorenz claimed that she "could teach an entire class on this stuff, but the simple fact is that very few people in power in newsrooms actually understand how the modern internet and online landscape works, and so they continually give ammo to bad actors." She didn't mention her role in giving "ammo to bad actors" by going on TV and crying about people saying mean things to her online.

In her view, MSNBC's attempt to cover the issue of mean tweets against journalists who make false claims against others exacerbated the problem. Lorenz, who has claimed to be a journalist, slammed MSNBC's alleged attempt to cover the issue fairly.

"Media companies are like 'we’d like to do a story on the horrible bad faith smear campaign against you, but for fairness' sake we will need to include comment from the people smearing you as a pedophile in order to represent both sides'," Lorenz wrote.

Lorenz was on MSNBC to talk about a study that was done by NYU that found that Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald's tweeting about and discussing Lorenz had led to "sharp increases in harmful speech" directed at the Washington Post writer.

The study found that after Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald criticized Lorenz for being poor at her job, mean tweets and DMs against Lorenz increased. In response to this, Greenwald said "Every day, employees of large media corporations such as NBC post insults and attacks which 'target' me and my journalism and me personally, often resulting in vile and bigoted attacks against me based on homophobia, anti-semitism, and the nature of my inter-racial marriage and family."

"But I don't whine about it," he went on, "or try to claim that nobody can criticize me or my work, because I understand that those who seek out a large and influential journalistic platform that affects people's lives are fair game for criticisms, and that my critics aren't responsible for the bigoted and hateful bile I receive daily as a result of the hatred they stimulate."

"I have had to remove every single social tie. I have severe PTSD from this. I contemplated suicide. It got really bad." Lorenz said before she started crying on MSNBC last week.
"You feel like any little piece of information that gets out on you, will be used by the worst people on the internet to destroy your life, and it's so isolating…" Lorenz said before trailing off.

"And terrifying," responded host Morgan Radford.

"It's horrifying!" Lorenz responded before breaking down in tears. "It's overwhelming. It's really hard!"

"Passive aggression being the main mode that our ruling class operates in," Tucker Carlson said of Lorenz, "she's decided that she's the victim and the people who complain about what she does to them are actually the perpetrators."

Lorenz, who is well known as a "crybully," has been sued for defamation by those she targeted. She once went after a talent agent, destroying the woman's entire business. Lorenz wrote an article in which she claimed that Ariadna Jacob had leaked nude photos of her clients.

"After The New York Times article, I was radioactive in my industry," Jacob told TheWrap. "People believed Taylor's lies that I stole from clients, leaked revenge porn, filmed young people without consent and pretended to be friends with social media God Gary Vaynerchuk, someone who's actually been a close friend and advocate of mine for over 10 years." After publication, it was revealed that Lorenz likely had a conflict of interest, hence the defamation suit.

Lorenz also accused tech entrepreneur of using the "r-word" in a conversation on Clubhouse, a newsy chat line that sprung up during the pandemic. After Lorenz made the claims, they were proved to be fiction. She tweeted it out baselessly anyway.

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