Friday, April 22, 2022

'CIRCLING THE DRAIN': Brian Stelter’s Days at CNN are Reportedly Numbered, According to Insider

Source: Conservative Brief

Published: April 18, 2022

By: Martin Walsh

According to independent journalist Jon Nicosia, sources told him that management is fed up with Stelter.

“SOURCE(S): “Brian Stelter’s days are numbered with the network.” Discovery management “very much considers him a Zucker henchman and embarrassment” and believes he is “a negative partisan lighting rod and distraction going forward” /more to come,” Nicosia tweeted.


Last week, Nicosia reported that the head of Discovery, CNN’s new incoming parent company, John Malone apparently is not a fan of Stelter or his show.

“SOURCE: At a recent (informal) Discovery Board meeting (largest shareholder) John Malone referred to CNN’s Brian Stelter as a ‘cancer’ and a ‘Zucker Henchman’ that has ‘a failing show’ – (more to come),” he said in his first tweet.

“Keep your eye on the media personalities that come to his defense. Will show you all you need to know about the state of the (broken) media,” he said.


In March, Nicosia reported that CNN was set to face major changes with new ownership.

He said that executives at Discovery, which is merging with CNN, want to steer away from the hosts expressing a partisan viewpoint.

“SOURCE: John Malone, Discovery’s board member will ‘play a huge role in the new organization’s plans to return @CNN to its news channel roots and dismantle the partisan organization Zucker shifted it into’ They continue: ‘This will mean a large realignment of staff,’” he said in a tweet.

“SOURCE UPDATE: ‘Malone is using CNN’s coverage of Ukraine as an example of the news network he wants back. Excellent journalists, covering events without partisan peacocking,’” he said.

This week he updated the story with more news from his source who said they expect hosts to be shown the door by the end of Spring.

“SOURCE: This ‘realignment’ will start with @CNN Anchors. One (who was very close with Zucker) and will have a hard time transitioning away from opinion will ‘be out by the end of Spring,’” he said.

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