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CALLING JOE'S BLUFF: Montana Defies Biden to Fix Gas Prices, Restarts Oil Wells Despite Admin's Attempts to End American Energy

Source: GOP Daily Brief

Published: March 11, 2022

By: Adam Casalino|

What’s Happening:

Unless you ride the bus, you know that gas prices have gone through the roof. Joe Biden claims this only started a few days ago after Putin invaded Russia. But we all that is a heaping pile of horse manure. Gas prices have been rising ever since Biden entered office.

His radical “Green New Deal” policies have crippled U.S. energy production. And, with Russian oil being banned, the price of gas is only getting higher.


But it seems we are reaching a breaking point. America can’t go on much longer with Biden’s radical policies hurting us at the pump. However, because of the rapidly rising cost of oil, it triggered a loophole.

And one state is fighting back—and restarting their oil wells. From The Western Journal:

In response to rapidly rising gas prices, the Montana Petroleum Association has announced that wells in the Bakken oil fields are officially going back online.

Even before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last month, energy prices were rising. In response to Vladimir Putin’s offensive, much of the Western world has imposed sanctions on Russia, disrupting its exports of oil and further exacerbating the pain at the pump.

Alan Olson, executive director of the Montana Petroleum Association, told The Western Journal that up until this point, federal regulations have prevented many oil companies from producing oil.

Thanks to rising prices, oil producers can now cover that cost, making drilling worth it again.


Because of the rising price of oil, companies can actually make a profit again. So a group in Montana has announced they will be firing up their wells again. It is a sign that even Biden’s anti-energy agenda has its breaking point.

But why are they pumping again? CNN and leftists will tell you oil production in the U.S. has actually increased in recent years. So pumping more oil won’t change the cost of gas. But, as usual, they are misrepresenting the facts. Biden’s radical policies have made it much harder for companies to operate. Meaning, they can pump all the oil they want, but they have to pay more in fees, fines, and regulatory costs.

Biden is single-handedly punishing oil companies for being oil companies. The end result is that they are charging you more for gas and electricity. So much for that whole “corporate greed” excuse.

But since the cost of oil has risen high enough, oil companies that shut down production can now make a profit. The high cost of oil can compensate for Biden’s strict fines. That sounds like good news, but it really isn’t. These companies are getting fined so heavily by Biden, that only massive spikes in the price of oil can help them break even.

Which, of course, brings us back to the real problem: Biden’s war on American energy. Until his policies are reversed, this will be the status quo.

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