Tuesday, March 22, 2022

TESTIMONY: How the Hunter Biden 'Laptop from Hell' First Came Out and the Man Who Brought the Story to Light, Jack Maxey


In this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, Jack Maxey tells LifeSite that Hunter Biden's laptop gives a 'dark insight' into the pressure the Biden family was putting on Hunter to essentially 'monetize Joe Biden's office.'

Maxey details some of the moral corruption of Hunter Biden, and how his family did not report him to authorities for his sexual and child abusive behavior. He says how the laptop gives “a dark insight” into the pressure the Biden family was putting on Hunter to essentially “monetize Joe Biden's office.”

Also, Maxey mentions how Hunter Biden never denied the allegations of child abuse. He also told me some specific evidence of how exactly Hunter Biden, and in turn his whole family, was involved in shady business dealings in the Ukraine, Communist China, and many other countries.

Maxey states that for America “the real threat is that Joe Biden is not in charge of the country,” but instead is a puppet to the intelligence community who kept the information of the Hunter Biden laptop from the American people. Moreover, he says that had the people known this high level of corruption, Biden would not have even been chosen as the Democrat nominee, and that a President Biden “really defies logic to me unless he had help.”


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