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SOCIETAL SABOTEURS: Far-Left Elementary School Teachers Segregated Students and Showed them Pictures of Dead Children

Source: The Counter Signal

Published: March 15, 2022

By: Keean Bexte 

Parents are outraged after it was revealed that their 10-year-old children were segregated by hair colour and shown autopsy pictures of dead black kids by Leon Springs Elementary in San Antonio, Texas. 

The teachers contrived the twisted lesson on segregation which included having kids with blonde hair branded as stupid and unprivileged. Meanwhile, those with dark hair were deemed the privileged cohort of the class and had their belongings cleaned up by the lesser blonde kids. 

Part of the class activity also included a rigged game where the lighter-haired kids were missing a piece of the puzzle. 


Parents Mike and Brandi Lininger have spoken out against the school, saying that it left her daughter and other kids crying. 

“She was hurt, her friends, and she named to the principal and to district officials, names of her friends that were crying,” said Brandi Lininger.

The Lininger’s daughter was also left traumatized after the teachers aired the 1997 documentary by Spike Lee entitled 4 Little Girls. The documentary describes the 1963 bombing of a black church by the KKK and featured graphic images of the young girls’ bodies after post-autopsy. 

Despite the teacher claiming that she had skipped over the portion, the student was able to describe the images to her parents. 

“The things that she said that she skipped over, my daughter was able to describe to us to a T,’ said Mike Lininger.

“So that night our daughter was unable to go to sleep in our own room, she was scared.”

The so-called segregation experiment was created by a teacher named Jane Elliott who is a far-left diversity trainer and anti-racist activist today. 

“The activity and video in question were part of a larger fifth-grade project-based lesson around the inequity of segregation,” the school claimed. 

“While the campus did receive positive feedback from several parents, district and campus administration recognize the parent’s concerns and agree that the activity and video are not age-appropriate and will not be used again.”

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