Saturday, March 19, 2022

SHIFTED NARRATIVES: Twitter Blue Checkers Stand Up for Biological Women; Emma Weyant Praised As ‘Real Winner’ After Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Takes First

Source: Daily Wire

Published: March 18, 2022

By: Amanda Prestigiacomo

The University of Virginia’s Emma Weyant was praised as the “real winner” after she came in second to biologically male transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship 500 yard freestyle on Thursday.

“Round of applause for Emma Weyant, the UVA swimmer who placed second in the 500y freestyle tonight, behind Lia Thomas,” Angela Morabito posted. “Second is the new first.”


“Congratulations to Emma Weyant for being the real winner of the woman’s 500,” Jake Shields wrote.

“This is Emma Weyant from the University of Virginia. She finished in second place to Lia Thomas in the women’s 500 Free at the NCAA national championships,” commented American Principles. “But she’s the true winner to all of us.”


“Here’s the name you should remember and lobby for: Emma Weyant,” Erik Reed said. “She’s at UVA. She finished second place, but would have been first place if people had the courage to speak up about the injustice of a MAN competing against women. Weyant’s time was a career best. #TheRealChamp.”

“In case you want to know how far gone America is, we just took an NCAA championship away from Olympic individual silver medalist Emma Weyant, a true exemplar of feminine athleticism, and awarded it to someone with a penis who was competing as a men’s swimmer last year,” Jeremy Carl bluntly posted.

“Emma Weyant won,” Courtney Kirchoff asserted. “She’s the first female to finish. She didn’t finish in second place. She finished first in the women’s 500 Free.”

“Congrats to Virginia freshman Emma Weyant, the woman who would have won tonight’s NCAA title in the 500 meter if women’s sports were still sane,” wrote Clay Travis.

A Virginia Tech swimmer on Thursday spoke out publicly after her teammate was crushed by the “inclusion” of Thomas.

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