Friday, March 11, 2022

REVELATION: US May Have Funded Charlottesville Rioters Through Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Group, According to FBI; Documents Show Ties Between Azov Battalion and US Rioters

Source: Daily Veracity

Published: March 10, 2022

By: Jill Schrider

The relationship between the U.S. government and the government of Ukraine has once again hit a snag. Uncovered reports of cooperation between U.S.-based neo-nazi groups and the Ukrainian Guard, a neo-nazi group calling themselves the Azov Battalion, have revealed an international extremist conspiracy, with the U.S. government’s hands all over it.

While the US government focuses on jailing and sanctioning right-wing dissidents in the US using the help of tech companies, uncovered documents reveal the US indirectly sent taxpayer dollars to neo-nazi groups and Charlottesville rioters abroad.


This means that funding of the Azov Battalion specifically designed for countering Russian influence within Ukraine, indirectly helped train one of the most prominent groups prosecuted after the 2017 Charlottesville rally.

It is important to note that the Rise Above Movement was heavily targeted by the US government for their skirmishes with mostly white Antifa in Charlottesville, VA, and Berkeley, CA.

It appears to be the case that now, the US government indirectly sent them a lot of money.

The Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation published a detailed report regarding the connections between U.S. extremist groups and ultra-nationalist Ukrainian neo-nazi groups such as the Azov Battalion.

RAM was hosted by Olena Semenyaka, head of the National Corps, the political wing of the Azov Battalion, a unit of the Ukrainian National Guard with neo-Nazi and white supremacist affiliations.[20] Semenyaka later stated that Rundo and his compatriots “came to learn our ways” and “showed interest in learning how to create youth forces in the ways Azov has.”[21] During their visit, the RAM members joined the Azov Battalion for sparring at the Reconquista Club, an mixed martial arts (MMA) club affiliated with the group.[22] Rundo entered an MMA competition for white supremacists from across Europe, supposedly the first American to take part in the history of the event.[23] While in Kiev, Rundo also got a tattoo of the Viking warrior logo of White Rex, a clothing label founded by Russian MMA fighter and Azov Battalion associate Denis Nikitin.[24] –CISAC

It has been reported that Brenton Terrant, the shooter who carried out the infamous New Zeland Christchurch shooting, was sympathetic to the Ukrainian Azov Battalion — prominently displaying similar imagery as used by the group.


RT uncovered these connections more than three years ago, detailing how the groups who have benefited from U.S. support helped train the same neo-nazi groups who participated in the Charlottesville riots of 2017.

Similarly, disgraced Alt-Right leader, Richard Spencer, has not shied away from openly supporting the neo-nazi group, while promoting President Biden’s policies regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

While the United States government rigorously prosecuted Rise Above Movement (RAM) with many viewing the prosecutorial conduct as having been heavy-handed, the U.S. government continued support of the international neo-nazi group, Azov Battalion, who has since been absorbed within the official military of the Ukrainian government.

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