Wednesday, March 16, 2022

REPORT: Seattle ISIS Hipster Who 'Really Wanted to Behead Non-Muslims' Pleads Guilty

Source: Front Page Mag

Published: March 15, 2022

By: Daniel Greenfield

Why settle for CHAZ when you can have ISIS?

While the media and the political class would rather that we not talk about Islamic terrorism, it's still around and the big feeder for domestic terror plots still remain Muslim converts.

You may remember Elvin Hunter Bgorn Williams, a name that would immediately fill you with images of a hipster pounding an iPad in a coffee shop even if you didn't know he was from Seattle.

"It doesn’t matter what you guys do to me. I get rewarded for it," Williams told the FBI agents, according to the complaint. "I want to die. We love our deaths more than you love your lives."

Elvin loved death so much, he just pleaded guilty to one count of providing support to a foreign terrorist.


All those tough wannabe terrorists stop being so tough once they're in court.

On February 15, 2021, Williams, using the account “ar_rusi_al_assad,” told another person online: “I will be martyred.”


Williams further stated, “I wish to see the kuffar as I kill them, I want to strike terror in them and make Allah pleased for doing so.” 

...During the same meeting, Williams and CHS-2 watched several violent ISIS related videos that Williams accessed over the internet. While they viewed the videos, Williams stated, “Man, I really want to behead the, they make me executioner.” CHS-2 asked, “You want to beheading people? Are you full okay with that? Are you okay with blood?” Williams replied, “Yeah, 100%, man."

Just other people's blood.

Elvin may not realize it, but hipsters don't do well in federal prison.

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