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PAST PERSPECTIVES: California Bill Seems Aimed at Lightening Sentences Against Pedophiles Who Assault Children

Source: The Blaze

Published: September 09, 2020

By: Blaze TV Staff

CORRECTION: Originally published on September 9, 2020, this article introduces a video clip in which Andrew Wilkow and guest Chadwick Moore discuss Senate Bill 145 and other then-current events which they perceived as attempts by "the left" to "normalize pedophilia" and in some cases, include sex offenders under LGBT legal protections.

This is false. SB-145 is not intended to legally protect sex offenders or classify pedophilia as a sexual orientation, but "to reform the state's sex offender registry to be fairer to young LGBT adults who may be in technical violation of statutory rape laws," according to this Reuters Fact Check. This article is not intended to endorse or validate the opinions expressed in the video.


California's controversial Senate Bill 145, which would reduce penalties for sexual relations with minors, passed both legislative houses last week and now sits on the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

According to State Sen. Scott Wiener, who authored the bill, the current law discriminates against the LGBT community.

"Senate Bill 145 is an anti-discrimination law," Wiener told KXTV-TV. He went on to explain that SB 145 would eliminate automatic sex offender registration for adults who have anal or oral sex with a minor. Instead, a judge would make the decision. Also, SB 145 would only apply in cases involving minors between ages 14 and 17 and with an offender within a 10-year age range.

In this episode of "Wilkow," BlazeTV host Andrew Wilkow was joined by journalist Chadwick Moore, a former liberal who once wrote that admitting he was a gay man to his father, "a Republican and a farmer in Iowa," was easier than "coming out as a conservative" in New York.

Prompted by the controversy surrounding SB- 145, Wilkow and Moore discussed what they perceived to be attempts by "the left" to normalize pedophilia and include sex offenders under the legal protections of the LGBT community.


"It's really sick and dark," Moore opined. "These things are coming out in the activist circles and entering the mainstream narrative. [...] You know, this is how the left always operates, with what's called the Overton window. They will put a really insane idea out there just to shift the frame of acceptable public discourse."

"They are masters at using language to change the narrative and change how people view the world," Moore went on to suggest. He claimed that pedophiles are now calling themselves "Minor Attracted Persons" or "MAPs" and arguing that pedophilia is merely a "sexual orientation" in what he considered to be an attempt to gain acceptance into the LGBT community.

"It's truly baffling and sick and no one will call them out," Moore said.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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The above article claims that the CA bill SB-145 was not intended to lighten sentences for sex offenders who offend against children. That perspective seems opinionated to some extent. However, it still concerns many that the stated leftist goal of "equality" has been consistently used to excuse and dismiss the most heinous of crimes a person can commit against the most vulnerable members of the population.

To add, under the right circumstances, bills such as SB-145 can be easily used by questionable radical judges to enable convicted pedophiles and sex offenders to continue harming children by handing out light sentences – enabling them to continue their degenerate acts against the innocent. To see such enablement, we need look no further than Joe Biden's recent SCOTUS nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who has earned a reputation for herself by doing just that.


Overall, it's important to keep in mind that just because the motives of bill SB-145 of California can be argued, this does not dismiss the strong evidence of a growing movement within radical leftism which attempts to promote societal acceptance for pedophilia and child rape through the LGBTQ community.

Fortunately, there have been several developments in recent news and disclosures from within American academia that have verified this apparent agenda (below).

Archived Twitter Post from a Now-Deleted Page

More Recent Developments
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