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LEFTIST MISOGYNY: Wokists Target Adele for Acknowledging the Existence of Biological Women at Award Ceremony

Source: Biz Pac Review

Published: February 13, 2022

By: Kevin Haggerty

Adele had the “audacity” to say she loves “being a woman” at gender-neutral award show and now the cancel mob is coming for her.

The award winning artist is being accused of transphobia after the remarks she made in her acceptance speech at the Brit Awards on Tuesday night.

This year, the Brits removed all male and female distinctions from their ceremony consolidating the awards to singular gender-neutral categories. This was the first time the award show had made this change and Adele addressed the matter when she took the stage to receive her award for Artist of the Year.


“I understand why the name of this award has changed,” Adele began, “but I really love being a woman and being a female artist.”

“I do!” she reaffirmed as seen in the clip above. “I’m really proud of us, I really, really am.”

As a result of this assertion that she is a woman and loves that fact, Adele was attacked online as a “transphobe” and a “TERF” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.)

Page Six reported one Twitter user with a private account as having said, “Please, no, ADELE can’t be a TERF.”

Another tweeted:

More people came to the defense of Adele’s award speech with genuine and sarcastic takes on the affirmation of her femininity.

Piers Morgan chose the latter road when he pointedly stated, “Absolutely shameful,” regarding Adele’s speech.


“How dare @Adele have the brass-neck audacity to ignore gender-neutral bullsh*t and take pride in being female?” Morgan asked rhetorically before coming to the conclusion, “She’s clearly an evil TERF who must be cancelled immediately.”

Author Jane Symons thanked Adele for her comments have opining on the apparent state the world has come to that this could be controversial.

“A decade ago, if someone had said a woman would [be] criticised for the thought-crime of saying she like being a woman, I would have laughed at such a ludicrous suggestion.” Symons wrote.

“Now it is happening,” she added. “I don’t know whether to cry or scream. Congratulations #Adele, and thank you.”

Others were quick to point out the hypocrisy built into the structure of the Brit Awards.

Even the language that the “gender-neutral” gathering used was gendered.

This is an ongoing trend that has impacted some of the biggest names in entertainment like best selling author J.K. Rowling and award winning comedian Dave Chappelle.  While they seem to have held strong to their positions that, “Gender is a fact,” as Chappelle said, Adele has made remarks recently that seem to be hedging the stance she took on Tuesday.

The Independent has reported that Adele made an appearance at a night club that caters to LGBT+ customers and said on stage addressing a trans audience, “You’re all women who identify as women.”

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