Saturday, March 5, 2022

'GET PUNKED': Adam Kinzinger Falls for Infamous Internet Meme ‘Sam Hyde’ in ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ Tweet

Source: The Gateway Pundit

Published: February 27, 2022

By: Joe Hoft

Adam Kinzinger from the corrupt Jan 6 Committee got punked on Friday and fell for an Internet scam.

As we reported, the ‘Ghost of Kiev’ is a spoof.  It is not true.  The former President of Ukraine posted it but that did not make it true.  The story that a fighter pilot in Ukraine had shot down six Russian fighters was not accurate.  It was built around a video game.

The brilliant Adam Kinzinger promoted the ‘Ghost of Kiev’ in a tweet on Friday.


Moments later Kinzinger took it down.

Sam Hyde, aka Samuyil Hyde, is not the ghost pilot’s name as well.  Other Democrats have fallen for Mr. Hyde in the past.

Dem Congressman Falsely Claims To CNN Sutherland Springs Gunman Is Sam Hyde — A Famous Internet Hoax (VIDEO)

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