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VIDEO: Actor Michael Rapaport BLASTED by Snowball While Ranting About Cancel Culture – But Was It All Staged?

Source: Mediaite

Published: February 3, 2022

By: Kipp Jones

Did Michael Rapaport Stage the Snowball Hit? 

Actor Michael Rapaport was struck with a snowball while recording a video rant about “cancel culture” on Thursday, but the video leads to a crucial question.

Did the 51-year-old run out of material and decide to stage an icy hit against himself for attention?

Before we dissect that hypothesis, let’s have a look at the video:

As is common, Rapaport recorded a video in which he used a New York City sidewalk as his stage. He began what was sure to be a discursive and vulgar soliloquy — in this case about cancel culture.


The Deep Blue Sea actor uttered the words, “You know this whole crap with the cancel culture, and the—”

Rapaport was cut off upon being drilled in the head with a snowball.

The culprit? A man offscreen who informed the avid Twitter user that he had heard enough of him.

“Shut up,” the purported assailant said. “Shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear it. You’ve been talking all fucking week. We don’t care what you have to say, just stop taking.”

Rapaport responded in kind with some vulgarity of his own.

Upon an initial viewing, the video is somewhat humorous. But when one watches again with a critical eye, something doesn’t add up.

Why would a man, particularly the alpha male Rapaport portrays himself to be, post a video of him being summarily humiliated online?

Also, what are the odds that someone who was about to deliver a rant about people being suppressed by complainers was quieted by, coincidentally, a compacted ball of snowflakes?


Rapaport of course made himself a magnet for views last week — after he accused people of shoplifting from a city Rite Aid location – which is now closing.

The Rite Aid bit went viral, and offered Rapaport perhaps attention he had longed for since he called former First Lady Melania Trump both “useless” and a “MILF” on Mother’s Day two years ago.

In a bizarre twist, Rapaport commented on that post after it was reported.

He wrote: “Snowflakes gonna Snowflake.”

Thursday, Michael Rapaport’s Twitter account had come full circle.

He was struck by a snowball and, after he dropped his street guy act, demanded accountability for the man who hit him.

Rapaport attempted to enlist Twitter to identify the malefactor.

Some might call that a snowflake of a move. After all, snitches get stitches, as Rapaport has said previously.

But to get back to brass tacks. Was Thursday’s video faked? That cannot be determined definitively from a simple viewing of the video.

But a preponderance of the evidence points us in the direction that this entire saga reeks of Morton Downey Jr. in the bathroom at the San Francisco airport.

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