Tuesday, February 8, 2022

PROGRESS: Connecticut Ending Statewide School Mask Mandate on February 28

Source: Connecticut News 12

Published: February 07, 2022

By: News 12 Staff

Gov. Ned Lamont has recommended the state's education and public health commissioners end the statewide school mask mandate on Feb. 28 and then leave it up to the districts.

The governor says the state's vaccination rate and lowering case numbers make it safe to put the decisions about mask mandates into the hands of local school districts and mayors.

He says this is a reward for how the state has embraced precautions.


"It will be up to the superintendents of schools and mayors to make that election themselves because every town is different. Every town has a certain different sense of…what the risks are there, and I think you now know enough after two years to make an informed decision yourself," Lamont said.

Legislation pending in Hartford could give the state's health and education departments the power to bring back state mask mandates for a few more months, but it looks like, for now, the debate over masks will shift to local superintendents, school boards and health officials.

Bridgeport schools superintendent told News 12 last week no matter what the state does, he plans to require masks for the rest of the school year. However, Trumbull schools' superintendent announced Monday he plans to make them optional.

People who gathered at the Norwalk Mask Choice meeting Monday night say the announcement is a step in the right direction, and their focus now is shifting to convince local officials to make masks in schools optional next month.

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