Thursday, February 17, 2022

PERSPECTIVE: WH Reporters Suddenly Lose Their 'Live Feeds' at Exact Same Time During Biden’s Ukraine Remarks

Source: Real News Aggregator

Published: February 15, 2022

By: Admin

A new report claims all the White House reporters who were going “live” to file their reports on what Biden said about Ukraine and Russia suddenly lost power at the same exact moment.

Needless to say, in an admin wrought with bizarre happenstances, this definitely caused many people some concern, and lots of speculation followed.

Here’s what we’re told happened:

Biden is still fanning the flames of war.


Ukraine was just gifted several billion from the US. Prior to getting that money, they were telling Biden to pipe down and stop adding “fuel” to the fire and claiming war was NOT “imminent.”

Suddenly after getting all that money, they’re now parroting the US messaging of “imminent war.”

Crazy how that works, right?

They think we’re all stupid.

Here’s what Biden said today:

Biden thinks the American people will be okay with $7.00 gas prices because he’s spreading “Democracy” abroad.

This old coot better wake up from his nap and realize this isn’t 2001 anymore, and we’re done with this nonsense.


He can’t even maintain “democracy” at home. If he did, Hillary would be in prison right now, and he would, too.

So, why did the White House reporters all lose power as they rushed to get their LIVE stories out?

Not sure.

I looked for info on it, but they have released no info as of this publishing.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“They’re preparing for the possibly imminent False Flag.”

“Russia cyber attack!”

“He probably shit his pants so they cut the power”

“They’re literally letting him play pretend President while the rest of his appointees are actually running the country.”

“Did Joe go off script and ramble on about Corn-Pop again?”

“Plug the cord back in the outlet”

“Don’t they have solar panels?”

“This is rich, just like they knew about Iraq’s WMD aka “YELLOW CAKE” now they’re telling Feb 16 it’s going down yeah ok. You can only fool the people so many times.”

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