Tuesday, February 15, 2022

MORE BACKLASH AGAINST TRUDEAU: François Legault Opposes Applying Emergency Measures in Quebec

Source: The Nizh Times

Published: February 14, 2022

By: Teilor Stoneon

Premier François Legault opposes the use of the Emergency Measures Act. “We don't want it in Quebec,” he said at a press briefing in Longueuil. His counterparts in Saskatchewan and Manitoba have also spoken out against this action.

“We do not want to have a federal state of emergency on Quebec territory. It’s not necessary and it’s time to unite not divide,’ commented Mr. Legault, on the sidelines of a meeting with the mayor of Longueuil, Catherine Fournier, at the National School of Aerotechnics (ÉNA ).


François Legault believes that emergency measures should be limited to Ontario, where there is a particular problem, particularly in downtown Ottawa and on the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor. He mentions in passing that the demonstrations that took place in Quebec did not pose any problems.

On the Windsor side, the Ambassador Bridge, which was blocked by a convoy, was freed. A convoy blocked passage between the Canadian city and Detroit, United States, limiting trade agreements. Other less busy commercial bridges are still blocked, including Emerson, Manitoba.



Earlier Monday, Justin Trudeau met with opposition party leaders to discuss the potential use of the Emergency Measures Act. The Bloc Québécois and the NDP supported it a priori, but wanted to know more about the actions that will be taken by the government before offering their absolute support.

“We understand that the government does not intend to use to the army but gives itself the power to do so without further notice: recourse to the army seems very premature as long as the police forces are not deployed to convince the occupants to lift the siege”, commented the leader of the Bloc, Yves-François Blanchet.

In the House of Commons, the Conservatives have not expressed a concrete position on the issue, but are asking the Liberals to offer a clear timetable for the end of health measures.

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