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UNANSWERED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FBI: Did Disgraced FBI Officials Use the Weiner Laptop Evidence to Avoid Prosecution?

Source: True Pundit

Published: January 22, 2019

High-ranking FBI officials believe disgraced and fired FBI leaders are using the evidence from Anthony Weiner’s laptop to stay out of prison.

That means copies of Weiner’s hard drive — which contain damaging evidence against Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin — are floating around Washington, D.C. and who knows where else.

The ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card: damaging dirt on the Clinton’s. And Blackmail and extortion used by the leaders of the once-great law enforcement agency. A new low.

Weiner is in a federal prison as a result of the files on his laptop and cell phone, after engaging in phone sex with a minor. He got off lucky, dodging child porn charges for a lighter sentence. But that is only the tip of the iceberg of what was found by the FBI on Weiner’s laptop.


“No one from the FBI is going to prison because they are using evidence as leverage,” one high-ranking FBI official said. “Don’t hold your breath if you want to see these people in handcuffs.”

But isn’t stealing federal evidence a crime in itself?

“They tampered with hundreds of cases,” another FBI insider said. “This is how they played the game. This was standard procedure. These same people ruined the FBI for their personal careers.

“They ran their own private CIA and continue to do it now from the outside.”

FBI officials believe members of Congress — both Democrats and Republicans — are too implicated in the missing federal evidence trove which contains hundreds of thousands of emails, photos, videos and records of offshore banking.

The dirt that could drain The Swamp overnight. Little wonder Congress has done nothing to reign in the wayward FBI or indict its criminals.

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