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RECORD HIGHS IN 'CASES': Former FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb Calls For an END of the ‘Divisive’ Mask/Vax Mandates

Source: WST Post

Published: January 24, 2022

By: Bradford Betz

Former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb calls for an END of the 'divisive' mask and vaccine mandates
Fueled Omicron variant COVID-19 The wave is showing many signs that it will soon end, and some public health leaders are calling for the gradual removal of some pandemic-related restrictions in the US, like recently in the UK.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University (JH), the US averages 682,374 cases per day, down 12% over the past two weeks. The drop has Dr Anthony Fauci the nation’s top infectious disease expert, is optimistic about where the wave is headed.

‘Things are looking good. We don’t want to come off as overconfident, but they sound like they’re on the right track right now,’ Fauci said. This week of ABC on Sunday.

He noted that while cases are on the rise in much of the south and Midwest, they are starting to decline in the northeastern states that were hit hard and quickly by the new variant in December. The possibility is that the Western states will follow the same path as their East Coast peers, with cases expected to peak soon before a rapid decline.

“If the pattern follows the trends that we are seeing in other places, such as the northeast, then I believe you will start to see change across the whole country,” Fauci said.

‘Since it’s a huge country and there’s a lot of variation in the levels of vaccinations that we have in one region compared to another… it can be a bit more painful and miserable to be hospitalized there. areas that are not fully vaccinated or have no boosters. ‘

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former director of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and current Pfizer board member, said that dwindling cases should be a signal to officials that the time has come. at the beginning of the lifting of some pandemic-related restrictions.

Dr Anthony Fauci (pictured), the nation’s top infectious disease expert, says the country’s pandemic situation is ‘on track’ as cases continue to fall

‘I think for sure on the east coast, where you see cases drop dramatically, we need to be ready to take the plunge and do it very soon. I think as conditions improve we have to be ready to relax some of these measures at the same pace we have put them in place,’ he said. CNBC’s The Squawk Box.

He compared the current situation of the United States to that of the United Kingdom. Across the pond, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has established a plan to drop all pandemic restrictions amid a drop in cases. Gottlieb said the US should soon follow suit, pointing to face masks in schools and vaccination mandates as particularly ‘divisive’ restrictions that he thinks should be in place.

“We haven’t described clear targets for when we will roll back many of these measures, and the two most controversial things right now in the US are face masks among children in schools and the immunization mandate,” he said. .

He also added that in order for people to comply with the Covid rules, health officials need to have ‘a flexible doctrine’ to change with the situation of the pandemic.

The calls to lift the restrictions come as the overall infection rate has plummeted in recent weeks. According to data from Our data world, 4,110 out of a million Americans had recorded infections as of January 10 – by far the highest total. The rate was also 2,643 at the end of Friday. That number fell to 615 per million on Sunday.

While US case reporting quirks certainly played a role in the sharp drop – with Sundays consistently having the lowest case totals as many health departments are closed for the day – the The dramatic drop in cases also signals a pandemic shift for the country.

The deaths are often slower than the cases, and are starting to increase at a worrying rate. Data from JH also shows an average daily death rate of 2,003 – the highest number the nation has reached since late September. Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put it. The report predicts the number of deaths will soar in the coming weeks, reaching 35,700 deaths – 5,100 a day – in the week of February 13.

The number of Americans hospitalized with Covid is also at a record high, but the number is misleading. The official figure has 157,429 Covid-positive people visiting the hospital each day, although this also includes those there for treatment and testing positive for the time being. Many of those included in the total had mild symptoms, or were asymptomatic, and did not suffer from severe cases requiring hospitalization.

Massachusetts health officials released data last week showing that half of all ‘Covid hospitalizations’ in the state are actually people being treated for another condition.

In the UK, which is usually several weeks ahead of the US, cases are continuing to fall. Total daily cases hover around 100,000 per day, down from the peak of 180,000 per day reached in early January. Some experts are calling for a halt to daily incident reporting for the time being, as large numbers can be misleading and even frightening to the public.

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