Sunday, January 9, 2022

POLITICAL 'LARPERS': Democrats' Jan 6 'Candlelight Vigil' Organized by Antifa Radicals

Source: The Post Millennial

Published: January 6, 2022

By: The Post Millennial

The January 6 candlelight vigil in Washington, DC to commemorate the "attack on democracy" that occurred on January 6 of 2021 is organized by Antifa radicals including a woman who attempted to disrupt the inaugurations of Presidents George W Bush and Donald Trump.

According to The Federalist, the woman also co-founded the group that "terrorized Sen. Josh Hawley’s wife and newborn baby last year over the Republican’s objections to the 2020 election results."

"Dems 'candlelight vigil' for democracy today organized by antifa radicals who have encouraged rioting, harassed elected officials, tried to disrupt Trump inauguration, & last year harassed my wife & child and were charged with criminal trespass - Dems who attend this support them," Sen. Hawley tweeted.

Hawley also called for Nancy Pelosi to condemn the leaders of the vigil.

The woman, Liz Butler, lists out numerous radical protests and movements that she has taken part in, including “social justice, economic justice, climate justice, fossil fuel resistance, and environmental justice.”

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