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ONGOING INVESTIGATIONS: DCPS Continues Investigation On Elementary School Holocaust Teacher/Librarian Who Allegedly Traumatized 3rd Graders

Source: WUSA9

Published: December 20, 2021

By: Author: Laura Wainman, Delia Goncalves

WASHINGTON — A D.C. elementary school teacher was placed on paid leave and is under investigation following a controversial lesson plan regarding the Holocaust. Students at Watkins Elementary School were asked by a librarian to "portray different perspectives of the Holocaust," the school principal said in a letter to families. 

According to reporting by the Washington Post, third-grade students were asked to simulate historical moments in the Holocaust, including digging mass graves and simulating shooting victims. 


"Students should never be tasked with acting out any atrocity, especially genocide and war," Principal MScott Berkowitz said in a letter to parents.

Berkowitz added that the staff member allegedly used hate speech in the lesson, calling it "unacceptable and not tolerated." 

The incident was reported to the D.C. Public Schools’ Comprehensive Alternative Resolution and Equity Team. A DCPS spokesperson added that the incident was not part of an approved lesson plan. 

"We sincerely apologize to our students and families who were subjected to this incident," DCPS said in a statement. 

The Washington Teachers Union says the staff member, a librarian, is a member of its union. 

"Let’s make no mistake, these are serious charges," a WTU spokesperson said. "Everyone has a right to due process and that is why the WTU supports a thorough investigation."  

DCPS Chancellor Lewis Ferebee said investigators are now looking into how the librarian was hired and if she underwent the required background check.

"We've tasked our team to review the hiring process to make sure our hiring process was followed as it relates to screening as well," he said Monday. 

Read the full letter sent to parents on Dec. 17, below: 

Dear Watkins Parents and Families,

At Watkins, we highly value and are committed to fostering a safe and loving learning environment for our students. Communicating home about issues that impact our school community is critical to maintaining strong partnerships with families.

Earlier today, we received a report of a classroom of students receiving a lesson that included portraying different perspectives of the Holocaust. Students should never be tasked with acting out any atrocity, especially genocide and war. Additionally, there were allegations of a staff member using hate speech during the lesson, which is unacceptable and not tolerated at our school.

Per DC Public Schools’ protocol for responding to incidents of hate and bias, this has been reported to DCPS’ Central Equity Response Team. No matter the intent of an incident, we are always required to report it so that we can move forward to restore our community and repair harm. Please reach out should you have questions about this process. We want to be as transparent with our families as possible while honoring the confidentially of DCPS’ reporting process.

Read more at: WUSA9.com
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