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ENVIRONMENTAL HYPOCRISY: The Government Has Spent Over $1 billion on Failed Green Initiative Projects

Source: Convention of States

Published: January 24, 2022

By: Article V Patriot

In yet another example of federal eco-waste, the Department of Energy has spent $1.1 billion on failed carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects in the last 10 years.

A report by a federal watchdog lays out how the funds, which were allotted under President Obama in the Reinvestment Act of 2009, have been spent by the agency:

  • $684 million was invested into eight coal projects, which brought about one operational facility that has since closed its doors and SEVEN other canceled projects.
  • $472 million was invested into the definition and design of four facilities, which was $300 million more than originally planned. Ultimately, the facilities were never actually constructed.

The report was released last month as part of a required Government Accountability Office review of the $3.4 billion allotted to CCS projects in the 2009 legislation.

“According to DOE documentation and officials, senior leadership directed actions to support projects even though they were not meeting required key milestones,” the report states.


When it comes down to it, these projects were not only unsuccessful and canceled, but our government officials authorized the funds and allowed this money to go to waste without meeting certain requirements.

This is failed government leadership and proves that individuals running our nation should not be allowed to hold such powerful positions over American citizens.

It’s so easy for people to spend money when it’s not their own, and that’s what continues to happen inside our government.  

So, where did the $1 billion in funding actually end up? It’s likely that Obama and his people know that answer, but it certainly did not go towards anything productive.  

A Convention of States can limit this kind of reckless spending that leads to billions of dollars mysteriously vanishing before our eyes.

Using Article V in the Constitution, the states can call a convention to propose constitutional amendments that implement fiscal restraints, so our federal leaders are forced to spend our money responsibly. 

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