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CRT RUINING MEDICAL FIELD: Far-Left Doctrine Introduces Illegal and Overtly Dangerous Standards into Modern Medicine

Source: Fox News

Published: December 29, 2021

By: Sam Dorman

The medical profession has seen an influx of left-wing ideas about race and identity, according to multiple reports and experts.

Writing in Quilette, Dr. Sally Satel declared that "indoctrinologists" were distracting medical professionals from their rightful purpose. Satel and others have pointed to examples like Boston physicians arguing for racial preferences in admissions. 

Fox News has also reported on the American Medical Association's (AMA) endorsement of critical race theory and using the type of theoretical buzzwords that have emerged in institutions across the country.

"In important ways, I hardly recognize my profession," wrote Satel, who also works at the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute. "Last year, the Association of American Medical Colleges … informed medical schools that they ‘must employ anti-racist and unconscious bias training and engage in interracial dialogues.’" 

She also highlighted the AMA's plan to "push upstream to address all determinants of health and the root causes of inequities, dismantle structural racism and intersecting systems of oppression."

While medical professionals have acknowledged social influences on health, critics of new equity plans argue that they go too far in directing doctors to act as political activists.

The American Medical Association published a health equity framework earlier this year. (AMA/iStock) (AMA Logo/iStock)

"This is no solution," Satel added. "Physicians cannot—and should not—'dismantle racism and intersecting systems of oppression' as part of their clinical mission. To imply that such activity falls within our scope of expertise is to abuse our authority. Doctors can reasonably lobby for policies directly promoting health, such as better coverage for patient care or more services, but we will lose our focus and dilute our efforts to care for patients if we seek to address the perceived root causes of health disparities."

The AMA did not respond to Fox News' request for comment. The AAMC pointed Fox News to a column by its founder of the AAMC Center for Health Justice.

The October post argues that "Words matter — especially when talking about racial and health justice in medicine." Dr. Phillip Alberti, the center's founding director, and others have focused on the influence of purportedly harmful narratives on patients.

Alberti said that words "matter because they have the power to perpetuate or to dismantle structural racism, to empower a person or to marginalize them, to reinforce a harmful traditional narrative or to provide an alternative one."

The debate underscores a broader conflict over whether so-called "woke" ideologies stifle free inquiry, speech and debate. 

Dr. Norman Wang, a University of Pittsburgh cardiologist, reportedly faced backlash after criticizing affirmative action. According to RealClearInvestigations, he was demoted and told by the director of the cardiology fellowship program: "It is clear to us that any educational environment in which you partake is inherently unsafe, increasing our learners’ risk for undue bias and harm." 

A protester holds a sign outside a building as the Noblesville school board meets inside on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. 

The American Heart Association, which publishes the journal where Wang's article appeared, said the journal "is editorially independent but that’s no excuse. We’ll investigate. We’ll do better."

That incident and others have contributed to accusations that left-leaning ideas have created a "cancel culture" where professionals are punished for merely expressing their views.  

Dr. Brittani James, a Chicago physician, told RealClearInvestigations that "[t]hey call it cancel culture, but it’s actually accountability."

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Over the past three years, it's become apparent that something within the corporate establishment -- in businesses, government-regulated organizations, and larger corporations -- has changed, and not in a good way.

Something seems to have emboldened certain corporations and organizations to disregard basic morals, common sense, and even the U.S. Constitution and its subsidiary legal standards.

We have seen clear evidence of this disregard over the past several years through the ubiquitous obedience to illegal vaccine mandates, masks, and other measures which violate the constitutional standard of personal autonomy -- a foundational legal precedent that makes slavery illegal.

We have repeatedly seen these various official organizations and companies disregard foundational legal standards as they adopt discriminatory policies, prevent people from meeting together, and deny people their rights based on nothing more than the word of self-proclaimed pseudo-monarchs. We have even seen these allegedly corrupt political figures take on the role of demagogues who determine the fate of millions with their own word alone.

And now, we see these pseudo-monarchs and their followers attempting to introduce discrimination into the medical field while claiming that not every human being has an equal right to medical treatment.

Throughout history, mass-murderous tyrants would regularly warp the moral standards of the population before they began their murderous rampage. The goal was to first shift the foundation of people's morals so that they would feel they were still good people as they committed the most heinous acts of barbarism. If a tyrant could convince a portion of the population to separate their own actions from their sense of morality, that group could then be convinced to commit any act in the name of morals regardless of how barbaric the act might be.

Today, we see the standards of modern leftists moving in the exact same direction.

In a society based upon common sense, life and physical safety take precedent over every other standard. This is because a person cannot enjoy much of anything when they are dead or dying. Yet in modern society, the woke narrative proposes that feelings and emotional security are foundational and that everything else -- including physical life and safety -- comes in second at best.

Somehow, these progressives believe that risking and sacrificing the lives and safety of some is perfectly justified if it means sparing the feelings of the protected victim class. To anyone with common sense, this is outrageous.

Simply put, feelings are quite literally the most reparable thing we encounter in life. We can choose to change how we feel at any moment. But we can't bring the dead back to life. This is the sane reasoning within any functional medical practice, and yet it seems that modern progressives fail to conceptualize this basic concept. Not only this, but they eagerly seek to overthrow this vital standard and replace it with outright destructive intent.

According to the National Institute of Health and the National Center for Biological Information, there are very strict standards for dealing with patients in an equitable way. (This is in reference to the dictionary definition of "equity" and not political doctrine based upon any personal opinion of how an individual should be perceived or treated based on skin color or physical identity.)

In healthcare, justice refers explicitly to the philosophical concept of “distributive justice.” This principle asserts that all persons (patients) will be treated fairly and equitably. It means not only respecting the rights of individuals but also treating all patients in a given situation the same regardless of who they are. Laws and policies within healthcare use the principle of justice to establish access for all persons to obtain healthcare required to preserve life, such as in emergency situations. Some governing bodies, such as the Canadian federal government, have extended justice in healthcare far beyond emergency care. Distributive justice, as defined by John Rawls, can be understood as equal respect for persons – entitlement of persons having a given need to the same rights and services as other persons with the same need and the provision of services of a more significant benefit offered to persons with greater need.

It is illegal to deny potentially life-saving medical treatment to anyone based upon their race, ethnic background, sex or otherwise.

This is a prime example of how not to practice medicine. This hospital could be in severe legal trouble if this man chooses to sue.

The progressive attempt to redefine the word "equality" as its opposite, to remove actual equality from medicine, and introduce discrimination into the medical field shows the clear agenda of what these individuals intend to do. Needless to say, this destructive agenda has no place in any functional society.
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