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CONCERNING DEVELOPMENTS: Utah Woman Age 39 Dies 4 Days After 2nd CV Jab; Public Doubts Examiner's Hasty Dismissal

Source: CBS Austin

Published: March 10, 2021

By: Heidi Hatch

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — During a KUTV investigation into COVID-19 vaccine side effects and where to report them, we found four reported deaths, filed by Utah families and their caregivers to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System.

One case stood out, a 39-year-old single mom from Ogden who died four days after her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Her family, who is now waiting on an autopsy, held a celebration of life for her this past weekend.


Kassidi Kurill, by all accounts, was healthy, happy and “had more energy” than just about anyone else around her. Her family told 2News she had no known health problems or pre-existing conditions.

Kassidi Kurill’s Story

"I didn't really cry when my dad died, I cry a lot for her."

Alfred Hawley, a retired Hill Air Force Base fighter pilot, is a military man who has known risk and loss his entire life. He’s taken it all in stride — until now.

An hour before his daughter’s celebration of life this past Saturday, he sat down to talk about his baby girl, the one who always wore makeup to cover up the freckles he loved so much.

"I'm at a state in my life where I'm OK with that (emotion),” he said as he wiped a tear from his cheek; not the first and not the last.

"She was the one who promised to take care of me."

The death of his youngest daughter came out of nowhere in a year where this family has already suffered unimaginable grief, with three funerals before Kurill's in the past 370 days.

Four days after Kurill's second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, she was gone — dead before most of her family could say their goodbyes.


Hawley woke up that Thursday morning to his daughter asking for help.

“She came in early and said her heart was racing and she felt like she need to get to the emergency room," Hawley said.

Kurill and her 9-year-old daughter, Emilia, lived with her parents. They’d been one family under the same roof since Emilia was born. Mom and Dad, grandma and grandpa always close by when they were needed.

Hawley, now retired, spent a lot of time with his girls. Kurill, he said, “got sick right away, soreness at the shot location, then started getting sick then, started complaining that she was drinking lots of fluids but couldn't pee, and then felt a little better the next day.”

It was her second shot; the first came with a sore arm but no real side effects or issues. Kurill was the first in the family to get the vaccine. She was a surgical tech for several local plastic surgeons, and the vaccine was part of the job. She stepped up to get the shot without hesitation, her family said.

"She was absolutely fine with getting it. In fact, she told all of us, 'it's fine, you guys should all get it.'"

Kurill's older sister Kristin, often confused as her twin, lives in Arizona. The distance didn’t matter much, they visited often and talked on the phone every day.

The day her sister got the second COVID-19 shot was a normal one from their conversations throughout the day, Kristin said.

“They had gone shopping. She was fine, then started feeling not so great that evening," she said.

Kristin said they were not worried about her sister because, “everyone from her work had flu-like symptoms, so we thought that was normal.”

Kurill got the second shot on Feb. 1. While she was in bed all day Tuesday and Wednesday, it wasn’t until Thursday morning she knew something was wrong. She woke up early, got ready, and asked her dad to driver her to the local emergency room, where they arrived by 7 a.m.

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