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'ASLEEP NO MORE': San Francisco Liberal Outraged at Her City’s Dem Leadership, Exposes Destructive Progressive Agenda in Viral Critique

Source: Patriot Daily Press

Published: December 28, 2021

A San Francisco resident went viral over the weekend after she published a lengthy Twitter thread dressing down her city’s liberal leadership over living conditions in the city.

Surprisingly, the woman who posted the blaring criticism is herself a liberal and registered Democrat.

What did she say?

Michelle Tandler has been a registered Democrat for 18 years. She grew up in a progressive family. She attended a progressive school. Her social circle is mostly progressives.

But if the current state of San Francisco is a representation of the progressive worldview, Tandler made clear Sunday she no longer wants to be associated with progressive liberal politics.

“Here is what confuses me about San Francisco. We have the most liberal, left-wing government & population in the country. We have a $13B budget. And we have 8,000 people sleeping in the rain this week. Can someone please explain this to me?” Tandler wrote on Twitter.

“What do progressives stand for, exactly? I thought it was about making things more fair. About standing up for the little guy. About human rights, equality (equity?), compassion. San Francisco (to me) looks like the least compassionate city on the planet,” she said. “The slums of Mumbai look cleaner than the streets of downtown SF. … We have thousands of people wandering around — looking like they are on the brink of death. … [I]f this what Progressive stands for — I want the opposite.”

According to Tandler, the progressive vernacular — replete with phrases like “harm reduction,” “housing first,” “criminal justice,” “social justice,” “equity” — appears to be nothing more than a smoke show covering up the “most deranged city on the planet.”

Tandler admitted that she is “starting to develop a seriously dark view” of the progressive leaders in charge of San Francisco because they have “absolute power” while ironically denouncing “broken” systems.

The San Francisco native even wants to know: “What would San Francisco look like if Republicans were in charge?” After all, Tandler explained, “Progressives tend to blame Republicans for almost everything. Yet here we are — not a Republican in sight.”

Despite the monumental humanitarian crises plaguing San Francisco, Tandler observed that city progressives appear more interested in solving social issues than saving lives.

“We probably have more ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs up than any city in the nation. 40% of our homeless people are Black. Do their lives matter…? Or is this just about virtue signaling and moral grandstanding?” Tandler asked.

Tandler’s rant against San Francisco and progressive leaders went on, but two tweets summed up the crux of her problem.

“One of my friends recently woke up to find a homeless person sleeping on the front step of her multi-million dollar home. I asked her what she did. ‘We closed the blinds.’ I think this is such a metaphor for what’s going on here. San Francisco is turning its head,” Tandler wrote.

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