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A LOOK BACK - TRANSPARENT SCAPEGOATING: Psaki Blames Trump for Biden Border Surge

Source: Bongino

Published: February 26, 2021

By: Matt Palumbo

After Joe Biden spent years campaigning on amnesty, Press Secretary Jen Psaki believes that Donald Trump is the one somehow responsible for the current surge in arrivals at the border.

According to Breitbart:

“We’re in the circumstance we’re in because not only was their approach inhumane, it was ineffective,” Psaki told reporters during her daily press briefing. “We’re not looking at President Trump or any of his advisors as a model for how we are approaching immigration,” she said, reassuring reporters that the Biden administration would “forge our own path forward” on the issue.


Psaki also blamed the Trump administration for not doing enough to improve the living conditions for people in foreign countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. “There are conditions that are in these countries that we have not done enough to help improve,” she said.

Unless we’re to believe that living conditions in Latin America suddenly took a nosedive in the past few months, the border surge cannot be blamed on Trump “not doing enough” for the region. In fact, many migrants have explicitly cited Biden as the reason for their journey.

A migrant caravan started in Honduras after the presidential election, and the timing was no coincidence. “He’s going to help all of us, he’s giving us 100 days to get to the US and give us legal [unclear] papers, so we can get a better life for our kids, and for our families” one of those migrants on the caravan said of Biden to an interviewer from CNN.

And Biden has been working to undo Trump’s immigration agenda.

He signed a 100 day moratorium on deportations, which a federal judge has fortunately blocked indefinitely. Biden has also halted construction of the border wall, eliminated the public charge rule, undid restrictions on work visas in the midst of a pandemic, and ended Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on border crossings, among others.

Biggest of all, Biden has also promised amnesty for 11 million illegals in the U.S. – but the true number could be closer to 30 million.

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