Sunday, December 12, 2021

UNNECESSARILY VAMPIRIC: Yet Another Source Publishes Article About 'Stealing the Blood of Children' for Staying 'Youthful'

Source: Futurism

By: Neoscope

A team of researchers — who definitely aren’t vampires — have discovered new evidence that the blood of the young could be the secret to actually staying young. 

In a new study published in the prestigious journal Nature Aging, the team found that particles in mouse blood called extracellular vesicles (EV) send instructions for a longevity protein called “Klotho” to muscle cells, according to a press release from the University of Pittsburgh. As the mice age, the EVs seemingly become weaker and send fewer instructions for the protein as a result. 

However, when the team gave older mice the blood of younger mice, their cells and tissue began to take on more youthful features like enhanced muscle regeneration. When the EVs were removed from the blood, though, the effect faded. 

In other words, it sounds a bit like the vampires of folklore, with the blood of the youthful sustaining the aged.

Whether the effect could translate to humans, of course, remains unclear. Attempts to bring the treatment to actual patients have been met with harsh criticism and inconclusive results.

But the Pittsburgh team hopes their research could lead to new treatments to sustain and enhance longevity during the aging process for humans.

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