Wednesday, December 29, 2021

ITCHING TO REPEAT WWII: Australia Is Throwing People Who Don't Even Have CV Into Internment Camps

Source: Townhall

Published: December 10, 2021

By: Leah Barkoukis

As many European countries embrace lockdowns once again and are imposing harsh restrictions on the unvaccinated, things Down Under are arguably worse, given the nation is using internment camps -- and not just for those who are Covid-19 positive.

On Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host featured two people who have been forced into those camps.

The first clip he played showed Hayley Hodgson, a 26-year-old from Darwin, who was locked up despite not having Covid-19. Police came to her door and told her they’ve been given orders “from higher up” to take her to the Howard Springs quarantine camp. She was tracked down after one of her friends tested positive. 

“It’s horrible. It’s a horrible feeling,” Hodgson told Freddie Sayers of UnHerd. “You feel like you’re in prison. You feel like you’ve done something wrong. It’s inhumane what they’re doing. You are so small, they just overpower you. And you’re literally nothing. It’s like, ‘You do what we say, or you’re in trouble, we’ll lock you up for longer’. Yeah, they were even threatening me that if I was to do this again, ‘We will extend your time in here.’”

She was reportedly forced to stay in isolation and given one meal a day. Despite pleading to let her outside to just get some fresh air or go on a walk, she was told she had to stay in the room but they could give her Valium “to calm her down.”

Carlson then had on Australian Senator Alex Antic, who has been critical of the country’s response to Covid-19. Like Hodgson, he too was forced into a detainment camp despite repeated negative tests. 

Antic was told upon his return from his job in Canberra he would be told to come to the detainment facility. 

“That was out of step with what had been done in my previous trips to Canberra and back, but here's … what gives away what was going on here,” he told Carlson, explaining a few minutes later he got a call from a journalist about it. When he arrived at the airport a camera crew was waiting for him.

“[If] they can do this to me, they can do this to anyone, I’ve never been more concerned about the things that are going on in this country,” he said. 

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Source: UnHerd - YouTube


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