Saturday, December 18, 2021

A HEALTHY DOSE OF KARMA: NYC Health Inspector DENIED Entry by Staten Island Restaurant After Refusing to Show Vax ID

Source: MSN

Published:  - Thursday

By: Erica Brosnan

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A New York City health inspector conducting a COVID-19 check at a Staten Island restaurant was reportedly turned away this week after refusing to show a vaccination card.

The incident happened Tuesday at Big Nose Kate’s Bar & Grill in the Rossville neighborhood of the borough, according to a report from The Staten Island Advance.

The health inspector, identified as Benedicta Opara, arrived at the location to check that the establishment was in compliance with the state’s new indoor mask mandate, according to the report.

Before entering the building, manager Maggie Koronilian asked to see proof of Opara’s COVID-19 vaccination, the SI Advance reported.

However, the inspector replied, “I’m not staying here but this is what I’m checking for,” Koronilian told the paper, and refused to produce a vaccination card.

Koronilian said she refused to allow Opara into the restaurant and instead brought out documentation to show that the establishment is in compliance with the order.

“I have my notices on the door, so I am 100% in compliance and doing everything to the ‘T’ the way they want it,” Koronilian told the Advance. “I told her, ‘You’re not above the law. You have to show me just like everybody else. There’s no exception.’ She asked what law I was talking about.”

She continued, saying that she then pointed to the signage that is posted in front of the restaurant, informing visitors that they must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter.

Koronilian also told the paper that she has dealt with other health inspectors in the past and has always been in compliance with their requests. However, she believes no one should be allowed to enter without proof of vaccination.

“It’s my rule. I want everybody that walks in here — regardless if they’re staying or not — to show a vaccination card,” she told the Advance.

The Department of Health refused to comment on Opara’s vaccination status to the organization.

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