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WHISTLEBLOWER TESTIMONY: Texas State Department Requiring CRT Training for Employees

Source: Freedom Alerts

Published: November 9, 2021

By: News Sources

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) required training that incorporated key tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT) for its employees, a whistleblower shared with Republican gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines. The whistleblower, who opted for anonymity, provided materials associated with a required course for DFPS employees, “Knowing Who You Are.” Upon completing the course, employees were instructed to take a survey where they were rated based on how much they agreed with statements acknowledging institutional racism and white privilege, as well as their level of commitment to being a good social justice activist. DFPS has over 13,000 employees.

“A whistleblower inside the Texas government came to us to help end Critical Race Theory indoctrination that is being forced on state employees and is being paid for by you, the Texas taxpayer,” stated Huffines in a video. “They were told this was required as part of their employment [….] The people pushing this crap need to be fired, and on day one of my administration.”

While the training materials do not explicitly say “Critical Race Theory,” they do incorporate some of its tenets. Summarily, the course pushes the idea that race and ethnicity are essential to every aspect of life. It taught that the most improper level of racial and ethnic identification (REI), “relative unawareness,” doesn’t prescribe meaning or importance to racial or ethnic differences and doesn’t identify in a particular racial or ethnic group, while the most proper level of REI, “commitment,” is keenly aware of racial and ethnic differences, identifies as a member of a particular racial or ethnic group or groups, and understands that each group has its own positive and negative aspects.

The employee training also focused on shaping the perspectives and attitudes of children. It taught that the “building blocks” for creating a healthy REI in youths are promoting racial and ethnic pride, developing multicultural competence, and preparing them for facing racism and discrimination.

The course also claims the existence of institutional or systemic racism. In making its point, the course claimed that race and gender determine everything, including wages, home loans, welfare reliance, and even length of stay in foster care.

The ongoing resources and opportunities advertised to employees included “Woke Wednesday!” and “Implicit Bias in Child Protection Webinar.”

A TedX Talk video within the required training was a 2014 presentation titled, “Allegories on race and racism” given by Dr. Camara Jones, an anti-racism activist that helped pioneer the idea of institutionalized racism and claims that racism is a public health crisis.

“For any of us, it’s difficult for us to recognize any system of inequity that is privileging us. For example, it’s difficult for men to recognize male privilege and sexism. It’s difficult for white people in this country to recognize white privilege and racism,” said Jones. “Like institutionalized racism, it can be through acts of doing as well as acts of not doing. But even more important, [sic] it can be unintentional, as well as intentional. You don’t have to intend it to have a racist impact to do something racist, to have a racist impact.”

The training also discussed a work from the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, the Allegory of the Cave. In the allegory, men trapped in caves represent intellectual darkness. Plato posited that learning was like men making their way out of that dark cave into the light, or achieving enlightenment – the “good.” The training implied that the “good” was perfect REI awareness; in other words, a deep and abiding understanding of CRT.

In an exclusive statement to The Daily Wire, Huffines said that Governor Greg Abbott needed to have a better awareness of the actions of his administration.

“Given that DFPS is a state agency under the direct purview of the governor, Abbott should have been aware that CRT training was being forced on state employees,” asserted Huffines. “And if he wasn’t aware, that in and of itself is a serious problem. What other radical left-wing initiatives are our tax dollars funding, without the governor having the will or desire to stop them?”

Abbott didn’t respond to The Daily Wire by press time. Neither did DFPS. Huffines claimed that, as the state’s leader, the governor bears the burden for DFPS’ actions.

“Greg Abbott is forcing hard-working Texans to subsidize mandatory Critical Race Theory for state employees,” added Huffines. “Critical Race Theory is Marxist, racist poison being used to indoctrinate and divide Americans. It has no place in the State of Texas.”

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