Monday, November 8, 2021

REPORT: Newly-Elected Virginia AG Announces Intention to Investigate Sexual Crimes in Loudoun County Public Schools

Newly-elected Virginia Attorney General announces intention to investigate sexual assault incidents in Loudoun County public schoolsAP Photo/Cliff Owen, File

Source: Rebel News

Published: November 05, 2021

By: Ian Miles Cheong

When asked if he planned to investigate the recent sexual assaults that have been in the news, Miyares answered, 'Yes.'

Virginia’s newly elected Attorney General, Jason Miyares, has announced his intention to investigate the sexual assault incidents in the school district at the forefront of the culture war against transgender ideology and critical race theory in the state.

According to NBC Washington’s Drew Wilder, Miyares and Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin will look to change Virginia law to give the Attorney General the authority to step in when local officials lose confidence in the commonwealth’s attorney to do an adequate job.

According to Wilder, Miyares, who was accompanied by Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman, says he intends to investigate sexual assault incidents in Loudoun County public schools.

When asked if he planned to investigate the recent sexual assaults that have been in the news, as reported by Rebel News, Miyares answered, “Yes.”  

“One of our major legislative initiatives, which we had talked about on the campaign, was to allow us — right now, the way that it works, is if a sitting commonwealth attorney requests it, we can come in and prosecute a case on their behalf,” explained Miyares. “We’re going to be seeking a legislative change, and Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin has already indicated that he would sign that into law — but a bill that would essentially save the chief law enforcement officer in jurisdiction, either the chief of police, or the sheriff, makes a request because the commonwealth’s attorney is not doing their job, then I’m going to do their job for them.” 

“And I’m thinking specifically some of the so-called ‘social justice’ commonwealth attorneys that have been elected, particularly in Northern Virginia,” the Attorney General-elect continued. “We obviously are aware of some pretty horrific cases that have made the public where they failed to do their job.”

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