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OPINION: Liberal Media Ignores/Dismisses Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack

Locals mourn the six victims of the Waukesha attack during a vigil at Cutler Park in Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 22, 2021. - James Keivom

Source: NY Post

Published: November 24, 2021

By: Miranda Devine

There’s a reason that the Waukesha massacre has faded from the national media. 

There’s a reason that MSNBC and CNN and CBS refer to it as merely a “parade crash” and quickly move on to other news.

There’s a reason that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have not prejudged the violent, racist, BLM-supporting career criminal charged with murder for driving his SUV deliberately into a Christmas parade in the mostly white Wisconsin town of Waukesha on Sunday, killing six innocents, including an 8-year-old boy, and injuring 62 others.

There’s a reason the media are incurious about the hate-filled, anti-white social-media posts of suspect Darrell Brooks.

Waukesha is of no interest to these people, not just because the story does not serve their political purposes, as the Kyle Rittenhouse case did when they wanted to paint Donald Trump as a white supremacist.

No, they are burying the Waukesha story because it threatens the very core of the progressive revolution convulsing the country: criminal-justice “reform.”

Six people would still be alive if Milwaukee had not been hijacked by progressive prosecutors.

“The Milwaukee experiment,” it was called in a gushing Jeffrey Toobin article in the New Yorker in 2015, praising Milwaukee’s Democratic DA John Chisholm.

Darrell Brooks had a long rap sheet of previous crimes stretching over 
50 pages long. - City of Waukesha Police Department

Elected in 2006, Chisholm is a leading light of the progressive prosecutor movement.

His office let out Brooks on $1,000 bail Nov. 16, after he allegedly punched his girlfriend in the face and deliberately ran over her with the SUV he allegedly used in Sunday’s attack. Brooks’ criminal record is over 50 pages long. 

Chisholm feigns dismay at the low bail now, but it was part of his plan.

He knows what happens when you let violent, recidivist criminals out of jail, if you handicap police and strip them of their powers, if you break the adversarial system, turn prosecutors into social workers, and close prisons. 

Everyone knows. Crime and violence skyrocket, along with mental illness and homelessness. There is nothing compassionate or equitable about progressive criminal-justice reforms. They tyrannize the weakest and most vulnerable, the elderly, the infirm, and women and children.

Yes, Chisholm knew and he didn’t care.

“Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into [a] treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody?” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2007. “You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen.”


Chisholm wasn’t elected as a progressive, but his priority immediately became eliminating “racial disparity.”

Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib introduced the BREATHE Act that would reduce federal funding to local police and eventually close federal prisons. - Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call/Sipa U

He didn’t care if more black people were committing crimes. It was all about the outcome.

Today, he boasts he has almost achieved his goal of eliminating racial disparity in jails: “In some areas there is almost no disparity,” he told a panel March 11, when he appeared with notorious San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin talking about the “Progressive Prosecutor movement.”

Chisholm boasted that he had revolutionized the role of prosecutor “from being a line prosecutor who takes and reviews frozen moments in time . . . and actually get the prosecutor out of the courthouse and right into the community and give them a broad mandate to help solve problems.”

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm helped Darrell Brooks
walk free with only a $1,000 bail after he allegedly tried
to kill his girlfriend. - 
Milwaukee County DA Office

He calls these quasi-social workers “community prosecutors . . . Allowing prosecutors to do things beside just prosecuting cases is actually very empowering . . . We have to move away from what we all [have] been indoctrinated in, the adversarial system.”

The only obstacle he says he faces now is “fear” of crime in the community, which drives state legislators to make “bad law.” With 191 homicides last year in Milwaukee alone, “it’s really hard to make an argument.”

“We’re at a time in our nation when violence is simply overwhelming the sense of our perspective of safety . . . People do not feel that they are safe.”

I wonder why that is.

Boudin told the panel that just being a “progressive prosecutor wasn’t enough anymore.”

He said “my friend,” former Queens DA candidate Tiffany Caban, “said it best . . . It’s not about being progressive or conservative. It’s about being ‘decarceral.’ ”

This means abolishing prisons.

This is not what Americans want. But it’s an article of faith for progressives.

You just had to watch Rep. Rashida Tlaib trying to justify her prison-abolition bill in an interview this week with Axios’ Jonathan Swan to see that the policy is so absurd she has no way of justifying it. Although her bill explicitly would release everyone from jail, she simply denied that that means child molesters and violent rapists will roam the streets. 

Progressives pretend that everyone in jail is just there for smoking weed, while showing callous disregard for the victims of crime.

Former Queens DA candidate Tiffany Caban previously proposed allowing victims of violent crimes to help their attackers in the name of “restorative justice” during her failed campaign. - AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

In case you were under any illusion that this all is not an ideological strategy to destroy law and order, take a look at Boudin’s revolutionary pedigree.

He is the son of Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, Marxist terrorist members of the Weather Underground, who were jailed for the murders of two police officers and a security guard during the Brink’s robbery of 1981 in Rockland County. Boudin was 14 months old at the time and was brought up by Barack Obama’s radical mentor and Weather Underground luminary Bill Ayers.

Last year, Boudin successfully lobbied then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo to commute his father’s 75-years-to life sentence and Gilbert was released this month. His mother was released in 2003 and immediately given an honored position as an adjunct professor at Columbia University where she works on — you guessed it — dismantling “mass incarceration,” and transforming the criminal-justice system. These people are embedded in the establishment.

Innocent Americans are paying the price for Democrats’ leftist criminal justice reforms. - Jim Vondruska/Getty Images

Guess what else domestic terrorists affiliated with the Weather Underground did on Nov. 7, 1983? They bombed the Capitol in Washington, DC, blowing a hole in a wall and pulverizing, windows, chandeliers and furniture. Yet President Biden tells us that the worst attack on democracy was the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 this year.

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