Monday, November 22, 2021

'HAIL MERRY' TACTICS: Chicago Leftists Use Emotion from Rittenhouse Trial to Coerce Citizens into Demanding 'Communist State'

Source: Biz Pac Review

Published: November 21, 2021

By: Chris Donaldson

Protests were staged in numerous U.S. cities on Saturday as the left continued to wail in impotent outrage over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, a verdict that infuriated activists and was condemned by leading Democrats as a failure of the system.

Unlike last summer’s “fiery but mostly peaceful” protests that erupted after a Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake when he lunged for a knife while being arrested, there was no widespread violence or property destruction — at least not yet — but the mood is sufficiently ugly that even a small spark could ignite the powder keg that the media has rolled out.


The majority of the demonstrations took place in the usual Democrat-controlled areas, which have become safe zones for criminals who are able to burn, loot and commit acts of mayhem with impunity, with one in particular drawing attention for the message that was expressed, not one of social justice but of communist revolution.

In Chicago, legendary racial grievance grifter Jesse Jackson showed up to rail against the jury’s decision to acquit Rittenhouse who acted in self defense when during the Kenosha violence following the Blake incident, he shot and killed two leftist protesters who attacked him, both of whom had violent backgrounds with one being a depraved pedophile who raped young boys.

While Jackson delivered his standard shtick to play on emotions over the “racist” nature of the trial, some who turned out chanted, “The only solution is communist revolution.” This seemingly being a growing sentiment of many on the left and they have become increasingly emboldened to the point where they no longer bother to conceal their real feelings.

One of the most alarming aspects of the nation’s ongoing troubles is the enthusiastic embrace of communism by so many of America’s youngest citizens, many of who were activated by the demagogic rants of twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a man who in saner times would have been relegated to the fringes.

However today, Comrade Bernie is often a featured guest on the Sunday morning political talk shows with the implication being that the ruling class is also down with a system that throughout history, has only brought misery, repression and murder to societies that have taken the plunge.

Other scenes from streets of Chicago.

In his speech, Reverend Jackson pressed the narrative that a trial for a white individual who shot two other white men was somehow a part of the twisted crusade for racial justice and that the jury’s failure to buckle under immense pressure and convict Rittenhouse was effectively a declaration of open season on blacks.

Like his fellow leftist travelers, Jackson promoted the big lie that Anthony Huber and the pederast Joseph Rosenbaum are martyrs to the Black Lives Matter cause, suggesting that Rittenhouse engaged in vigilante justice and that his refusal to be beaten and possibly killed by the two was a hate crime that merits a federal investigation.

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