Thursday, April 9, 2020

PHYSICISTS: 'Parallel Universes Exist and We Will Soon Explore Them'

Source: Daily Star

Published: February 23, 2020

By: Michael Moran

Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll says that clues in the small-scale structure of the universe point to the existence of numerous parallel worlds.

The common-sense rules of physics that we use every day may make sense to us, but at very small scales common sense breaks down altogether.

At the quantum level, the empty vacuum of space is boiling with tiny particles constantly popping in and out of existence.

At a quantum level, the vanishingly tiny particles that make up the building blocks of everything don’t even have a set location, just a smear of possible positions dictated by complex rules of probability.

And theoretical physicist Sean Carroll is entirely happy with that. He says that the fact that tiny particles like electrons and photons don’t have one set place in the universe is evidence that there are many parallel universes.

“But there’s a lot more going on,” he told “Not every world you imagine actually comes true.Physicist Sean Carroll has conducted research into the field(Image: Sean Carroll)

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