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DRUG CARTEL TAKE-DOWN: Why is the U.S. Attacking the Drug Epidemic During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

The fact is clear. Right now, countless Americans and people around the world are feeling confused, angry, and somewhat fearful about the present global situation. The effects of this reported Coronavirus have been cycled throughout mainstream news for several months now, and there is no telling when the apparent threat of this virus will pass.

Yet with the reported success of the various measures now being taken to treat the virus (such as hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin), there does seem to be hope for many of those suffering from this illness.

Still, citizens grow ever more anxious for the COVID-19 threat to pass so that everyone can get back to their lives. At present, we find ourselves asking why there has been such an extreme response to an illness that statistically has a lower death toll than the common flu. Why has the overall response to this outbreak been so excessive compared to other past or present health threats? And why does it seem like the media is manipulating the narrative to stoke fear while refusing to report the high success rate of the COVID-19 treatment?

We can't come to any definite answers just yet but we do know that at this point, there could be a very substantial reason for the majority of citizens (both in the U.S. and abroad) to remain in their homes at this time.

Recent official disclosures, mainstream news reports, and independent sources suggest that a very large and pending indictment/arrest operation could be looming for the entire continental United States and several other developed countries. Data from the Department of Justice, reports from the White House, and military briefings by the joint chiefs of staff have each communicated the fact that numerous military operations would be underway within a short period of time. (Some have already begun, as of the writing of this article.)

Depending upon the source of these reports, the targets of these military and legal operations tend to vary in focus. However, in general, it appears that numerous terrorist organizations, drug cartels, and possibly hundreds (if not thousands) of Deep State operatives could be slated for arrests and prosecution. Yet why would these pending actions require the population to remain in their homes? If Deep State criminals were the target of these legal and military operations, why should their arrest restrict the movement of the citizenry?

The answer is actually very simple.

Steps Toward Mass Arrests

If a mass-arrest scenario of Deep State interests is, in fact, imminent, it may be the largest joint military operation the world has ever seen. There has never been an arrest operation as large as those reportedly planned by U.S. authorities (along with military forces from around the world). The reason these joint military forces (commonly known as the Alliance) are planning such a large-scale event is that the powers they are opposing have been so violent and troublesome in the past.

In other words, the criminal interests in the cross-hairs of these arrest operations are so influential and resourceful that they may actually resist these military arrest operations with their own military-style countermeasures. In fact, according to reports, this is the exact situation.

REPORT: Trump Admin Deploys Military to Block Drug Cartels from Infiltrating US During Pandemic

Those who have been responsibly researching these topics will have likely come across the well-known source we know as Q-Anon. This is a knowledge base that challenges citizen journalists to do their due diligence and to research beyond the typical media talking points to find the true story. It basically teaches responsible adults to be their own journalist and to discern truth from fiction in nearly any situation.

Some questionable parties have done their best to smear this source of journalistic knowledge, but these smear-artists only continue to fail with empty ad-hominem attacks. Q is not seen as a person or a figure of admiration for anyone that takes it seriously. Instead, this source is merely a means for the average person to gain self-empowerment through journalistic-education and diligent investigation. But back to the subject of interest.

There was a significant Q post from February of 2018 which seems to directly pertain to our present situation. The following excerpt comes from post 725 and focuses on the preliminary actions that need to take place before any mass arrest operations can occur.

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."

— Q

If we consider the past several months, we'll notice that many of these developments have already transpired. We've watched on mainstream news as numerous D.C. officials resigned and stepped down from their positions of influence. We've seen the narrative of the fake-news media shift (somewhat) from one that unconditionally smears the president and criticized the foundation of the United States to one that appreciates the country and the efforts the president is making on a daily basis.

We have seen ISIS destroyed even to the point where any would-be terrorist leader is neutralized the moment they attempt to cause violence. Here in the States, we've also seen the deportation of MS13 through executive order and tightening of border security. (No thanks to the Deep State media which has tried endlessly to prevent the deportation of this violent drug cartel claiming that it was racist to deport convicted murderers, rapists, and traffickers.) And as things appear, we are about to witness the completion of these preliminary operations through the recent White House initiative to eliminate drug cartels from American borders and coasts.

The original Q post also addresses the U.S.'s achievements in North Korea by President Trump and White House officials. These actions led to significant disarmament of the N.K. military and a number of steps that would ensure the end of Deep State control over the Korean peninsula.

The above Q post goes on to describe the significance of these actions in North Korea as part of a larger effort to disarm all Deep State assets around the world prior to the impending arrests. The Q-team stresses the necessity of completing these steps before the final arrest operations commence. The team also suggests that any attempt to initiate arrests prior to neutralizing these countermeasures could pose a significant threat to the general public.

MASS ARRESTS: US Executes Nationwide Arrest Operations against the 'Remorseless' CJNG Cartel

What kind of threat, you might ask? As previously stated, the answer is simple. In fact, we have seen a scenario just like this in the recent past in which a high-profile target was pursued by authorities without the proper preliminary steps being taken to ensure the safety of the public.

Below is a report about the recent attempt by Mexican authorities to arrest one of the leaders of the notorious, Sinaloa drug cartel, Ovidio Guzman (son of the notorious, El Chapo). These events were extremely significant, and yet they received very little attention from American mainstream news.

* * * * *

Source: Medium

Published: October 19, 2019

By: Shameen Yakubu

What Just Happened In Mexico? The Disaster of Culiacan

On Thursday afternoon, October 17, one of the biggest stories in the ongoing saga of the Mexican Drug War occurred.

That day in the city of Culiacan in Sinaloa, police and soldiers from the Mexican government arrested Chapo “El Chapo” Guzman’s son, Ovidio Guzman.

And what happened next might as well have come right out of a movie.

Chapo “El Chapo” Guzman, pictured on the left. His son Ovidio Guzman, pictured on the right.

Ovidio Guzman is not only El Chapo’s son, but a high-level trafficker in the Sinaloa Cartel who was indicted by the US Justice Department in February on drug trafficking charges.

When the cartel found out El Chapo’s son had been arrested and taken, they decided to act.

The cartel started fighting and causing mayhem all over the city to recapture Chapo’s son from the government. It looked like something you’d expect to see happening in Syria, not a Mexican city.

Scenes from the attack on Culiacan, on October 17, 2019

On Thursday in the Sinaloan city of Culiacan, the cartel gunmen were everywhere.

They openly drove in trucks with mounted machine guns, blockaded streets flashing their Kalashnikovs and burned trucks unleashing plumes of smoke like it was a scene in Syria.

They took control of the strategic points in the metro area, shut down the airport, roads, and government buildings and exchanged fire with security forces for hours, leaving at least eight people dead.

— Ioan Grillo, Time Magazine

At one point in the chaos and confusion, cartel members even went into a prison, freed around 50 inmates, armed some of them, and recruited them to help them fight the government.

Civilians in the area were forced to stay inside and hide or find some sort of refuge.

Some weren’t even able to get home and had to hunker down in stores and restaurants as the city escalated into a total warzone.

There were videos and transcripts of cartel members radioing the government forces and demanding them to give up El Chapo’s son or their families would be murdered.

And there were reports that members of the military had their family members taken hostage.

DAVID WILCOCK: The Story Beyond the 'Great Pandemic' - Video Presentation

Eventually, the government forces decided to release Ovidio in order to avoid more bloodshed.

When it was officially announced my jaw dropped.

I was in utter disbelief.

The next morning, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico gave a statement justifying the decision of Mexican security forces to release El Chapo’s son under pressure from the cartel.

“You can’t fight fire with fire. That’s the difference with this strategy compared with what previous governments have done. We don’t want deaths, we don’t want war.”

— President Lopez Obrador

There you have it straight from the mouth of the highest-ranking official in Mexico.

The cartel just waged all-out war against the government. And they won.

More scenes from Culiacan on October 17, 2019, showing widespread destruction

These narcos literally shut down an entire city of 800,000 people and forced the government to surrender to them.

This is history unfolding in Mexico.

It’s completely unprecedented and it feels like here in America, no one’s even talking about it!

That just underneath our border, an entire city was at the mercy of drug traffickers and even the President of the country had to admit the best option was to capitulate to them.

I can only speculate on some reasons that the American mainstream media isn’t giving this story the attention it deserves but I do have a few guesses:
The mainstream media in the United States doesn’t want to spread any stories about Mexico that would validate Trump’s statements on border security or criminality/lawlessness in Mexico.
The story brings too much attention to the War on Drugs, which has been for all intents and purposes, an utter and complete failure.
Possible fear of the organization and discipline that was displayed by the cartel? Maybe they think the cartel’s willingness to arm themselves and mobilize against state authority could give people ideas.

Whatever the reason, I have to wonder.

Why isn’t the 24/7 news cycle that loves to have stories of conflict, war, and struggle, jumping on this story? This is one of the worst security crises Mexico has seen in years.

This situation in #Culiacan is one of the biggest stories from the Mexican drug war to ever develop.
No one can deny the power of the cartel at this point

AFP Graphics

The cartel has power and influence at every level of the Mexican government, military, and police.

It seems they just don’t flaunt it unless necessary.

What this disaster in Culiacan just did was expose to the outside world who truly runs Mexico.

Even from the perception of Mexican citizens this level of brazenness and boldness by the cartels is unprecedented.

This is going to cause a lot of people to start talking and asking questions.

President Lopez Obrador is going to have to address this new reality in Mexico.

While some people may agree with backing down to the cartel in order to avoid violence, many people also consider the move to be cowardly and shameful.

“His idea of peace and love doesn’t work. He is making the cartel stronger, I don’t even know what his strategy is.”

— Raul Benitez (Security Expert)

For the cartel to be able to act with such impunity and demonstrate such an impressive projection of force is truly unsettling.

But I’m not sure what the alternative is.

It’s crazy to think that these criminal organizations have become so vastly influential that trying to take them on directly would potentially mean civil war.

This entire situation in Mexico has become a whole other animal.

MASSIVE US 'Military Exercise' in Europe Despite Travel Restrictions; A Cover Operation for Mass Arrests?

Removing the drug traffickers forcibly would mean all-out warfare against the cartels, unimaginable levels of counter-intelligence operations, extensive surveillance & undercover work, and a comprehensive purging of large portions of the Mexican government, from the politicians to the military, to all levels of law enforcement.

In other words, it would take a miracle.

The cartels are so powerful, so dominant, and so embedded in the infrastructure of Mexican society that I’m not sure if forcibly removing them is even an option at this point.
What this means moving forward

There’s no denying that what we’ve just witnessed in Mexico is historic.

It’s an unprecedented development and evolution in this ongoing Mexican drug war.

It’s completely blurring the lines between organized crime and outright insurgency. I think this is something new that we haven’t seen before where you have a criminal organization that has grown this powerful.

Narcos in Mexico have completely shattered the pretense of a government monopoly on violence.

This could have huge repercussions and implications on Mexican domestic and foreign policy. International relations might very well be affected because one can make the argument that the official government of Mexico isn’t truly in power.

This also calls into question so many things about the War on Drugs and Mexico’s relationship with the United States.

With so much money and guns moving south into Mexico and so many drugs moving north into America, this has got to spark a serious conversation.

I‘m not sure what this really means for Mexico and its government moving forward.

The government itself showed a complete failure in maintaining law and order. It showed that they’ll negotiate with terrorists. It showed that the government can be defeated with violence and it might set a precedent for how Mexican drug traffickers respond to future arrests of high-level targets.

This is a dark and challenging time for the people of Mexico and this is a complex and nuanced situation.

Read more at:

* * * * *

It's difficult to look at the article above and imagine such violence occurring in the U.S. However, it's important to keep in mind that the Mexican state of Sinaloa is only tens of miles away from American soil.

At this point, it's important to ask ourselves why there is such a huge presence of Mexican drug cartels like MS13 in America right now? Why has the media and the Deep State sided with these criminal terrorists and demonized President Trump's attempt to keep them out of the country?

According to multiple whistleblowers, the criminal element within the U.S. government actually uses MS13 gang members to do their dirty work. Whenever the Deep State needs to intimidate or eliminate a target, they hire MS13 to get the job done.

Considering the excessive firepower which MS13 and other cartels possess and the fact that these cartels have the resources of the Deep State at their disposal, it doesn't seem difficult to imagine what the result might be if the arrest process was initiated without dealing with these cartels first. Simply reference the article above to see the potential violence that could erupt on the streets. That violent response was only to protect one key figure in the cartel. Image the entire Deep State being outed and arrested and the possible response from the cartels that might follow.

According to the evidence, this is why the Alliance (with Trump as the front-man) is presently attacking drug cartels. These criminals are directly connected to the Deep State and when these cartels are neutralized here in the States, the Deep State will be completely exposed and vulnerable. (Those of us who have remained attentive will know these events are likely imminent judging from the amount of panic we see in media and from alleged Deep State operatives posing as truthers.)

At present, we may feel discontented being stuck in our homes during this time. However, we might note the fact that our sheltering may have significant reasoning behind it. Granted, remaining isolated for a short time may help to keep us healthy, but beyond this, by remaining off of the streets and avoiding large crowds, we take away the Deep State's chances of using us as hostages to prevent their own arrests and prosecution.

Have mass arrests operations already begun? That depends upon how we define the operation. Does the neutralization and massive military-style take-down of MS13 and similar cartels qualify as mass arrests? If so, it very much appears that these operations are in full swing. If not, it seems likely that the final process of massive unsealing of indictments and subsequent mass arrest event will soon follow.
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