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PUERTO RICAN PEOPLE Find Unused Disaster Supplies; Officials Reportedly Concealed Supplies and Pocketed Millions in Foreign Aid

Have you noticed the pattern? It's been reoccurring for years now. It happens nearly every time the media reports a supposed problem in the world (whether real or fictional). Yet instead of discussing the actual cause, history, and possible solutions for each issue, it seems the only goal of such "news reports" is to lay blame on the American political figure who has been around for the shortest period of time.

They call it Trump Derangement Syndrome, and rightfully so. This term characterizes an advancing sort of psychosis which prevents American citizens from thinking and behaving independently, responsibly, and productively while using the behavior of the president as an excuse. It has caused citizens to forgo their better judgment and to reflexively blame the president for all of the world's problems without any memory of the world before President Trump ever stepped into office.

This derangement syndrome has also progressively robbed many Americans of the ability to acknowledge any positive attribute about their lives or the country as it presently stands. It's as though these Americans have carve a place in their psyche where nothing good ever happens and it is okay to hate, belittle, and blame others for their own problems. And by all appearances, there are numerous questionable career politicians who are capitalizing on the diversion that is President Trump and using it to hide their own wrongdoing.

Whenever events in the world are less than ideal, many people have a tendency to criticize and blame their respective scapegoats before they even know what the situation is. Psychologically speaking, when we blindly criticize in this way, we often wind up projecting our own failures and imperfections onto our intended target. This projection appears to be common within the corporate media and among many unconditional opposers of President Trump.

Many officials—both foreign and domestic—have actually been shown to be guilty of various crimes and yet we see these same figures publicly accusing either the president, his supporters, or both of the exact same wrongdoing. This trend of projection has become so common, it has now been established as a mainstay in current American political discourse (among other trends).

One particular situation of this projection occurred following Hurricane Maria which recently struck Puerto Rico in 2017. The aftermath of this disaster included the expected destruction, but it also revealed gross neglect of the people by Puerto Rican officials.

The cause of this failure was reported by mainstream news to have been a mistake by the Trump administration. These reports claimed that the president failed to send the aid in a timely manner. One particular Puerto Rican mayor chose to go on television and virtue signal about how horrible it was for Trump to fail the Puerto Rican people in this way. However, it was later revealed that this mayor was dishonest in her words and intentions.

When the truth finally came out, it was not the U.S. that had failed the Puerto Rican people; it was Puerto Rican officials themselves. Yet these officials did not simply fail their people, they actually sabotaged their own citizens for selfish gain. They then chose to bite the hand that fed them and smear the American president just to boost their own public image.

When this revelation came forward, multiple news reports delivered the details about the truth behind this latest instance of scapegoating an American president. Most of these reports came through smaller independent truth-seekers and YouTube channels. One report came from a YouTuber whose channel is called Red Shark Intelligence and gives a fairly accurate report about the situation in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

In a previous article, we covered the fact that at least three Puerto Rican officials were recently arrested for corruption. These officials actually laundered and pocketing millions in foreign aid—actually stealing relief funds which were so desperately needed by their people. It is unclear if Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto (featured above) was simply ignorant of the seething corruption in her own government or if she was in on the scheme and was simply given a pass.

One would think that if Soto simply made a mistake in blaming the wrong world leader for the failures of her own government, she would have the character to admit the fact. However, seeing that there is no standard of conduct when criticizing an American president, it's doubtful we will be hearing an apology from her any time soon.

In addition to their past crimes against the people, the Puerto Rican government was actually caught laundering yet another massive donation of disaster relief funds. Following their failure in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, these officials were once against caught stealing from their people after the earthquake of 2017.

Below is a report about the moment the people of Puerto Rico fully realized the betrayal which their own officials (and not President Trump) imposed upon them.

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Source: NY Post

Published: January 19, 2020

By: Jorge Fitz-Gibbon

An angry crowd in earthquake-rattled Puerto Rico stormed a warehouse Saturday after learning that it contained a stash of emergency supplies — that had been sitting untouched since Hurricane Maria slammed the island in 2017.

The chaos in the historic city of Ponce comes just one week after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake shook the island, which has yet to recover from the devastation of Maria — a Category 5 hurricane that killed more than 3,000 people and left much of the country without electricity.

Word of the squandered supplies spread online Saturday after blogger Lorenzo Delgado posted a video on Facebook of locals breaking into the warehouse, which is shown to be holding cases of bottled water and other emergency supplies.

Locals are seen hauling cases out of the warehouse, and — in one image — distributing the supplies to a throng of people outside.

“This is outrageous,” Ponce Mayor Maria Melendez told reporters. “Everyone knows what us mayors went through after Hurricane Maria and to try and get help to our cities and how we’ve worked these weeks to provide basic supplies to people affected by earthquakes.”

“Those involved owe us an explanation,” she said.

REPORT: Puerto Rican Mayor and Two Other Government Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges

The discovery prompted Gov. Wanda Vazquez on Saturday to fire the island’s director of emergency management, Carlos Acevedo, and to order a full investigation into the matter.

On Sunday, Vázquez fired the heads of Puerto Rico’s housing and family departments, Housing Secretary Fernando Gil and Department of Family Secretary Glorimar Andújar.

“There are thousands of people who have made sacrifices to help those in the south, and it is unforgivable that resources were kept in the warehouse,” Vazquez said, noting that the supplies had been in the warehouse since Maria.

The governor has asked the Puerto Rican senate to install Jose Reyes, head of the island’s national guard, as the new commissioner of emergency management.

Secretary of State Elmer Roman told Univision news Saturday that there may also be other warehouses on the island with unused stores of supplies.

He said officials hoped to wrap up the initial probe into the controversy within 48 hours.

“The instructions are clear: All of the supplies that are available will be distributed,” Roman told the Spanish-language network.

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