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MASSIVE HUMAN TRAFFICKING BUSTS for Two Consecutive Super Bowl Seasons (2019 and 2020); The Story Behind the Halftime Show

Child trafficking busts are quickly becoming the new American mainstay for Super Bowl Sunday. It used to be only the game and halftime show that drew the attention of audiences. However, now, that norm appears to be changing. Both in 2019 and here in 2020, large pedophilia busts have taken place in parallel with the Big Game and are quickly painting a new picture of what this sporting event entails.

Complementing this year's halftime display of superficial materialism was a large sting operation that brought hundreds of child traffickers to justice. On the surface, the halftime show was filled with song, fireworks, and flashy outfits. (Not to mention suggested Satanism and tasteless hypersexual displays that could easily be considered inappropriate for family audiences.) However, beneath the veneer of the semi-celebratory occasion, there was reportedly another show unfolding offstage.

Many people may have noticed the awkward display of children in cages singing during the halftime performance. Some may have believed this display was in reference to issues reported by the MSM to be occurring at the southern border of the U.S. (which have actually been ongoing since the Obama administration). However, when we look more closely at the events behind the past two Super Bowls, we may find that this perceived reference may not have been entirely accurate.

The fact that for two years in a row, massive child trafficking busts have taken place directly adjacent to the Super Bowl festivities tells us that the subtle children-in-cages reference may be different than first impressions suggest. Additionally, the overtly dark occult nature of the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show demonstrated to knowledgeable audience members that this show was not exactly designed to be uplifting or inspiring to society. (In many ways, the halftime show regressed to standards which many productive feminists have fought to move beyond. But this is a side-note compared to our main focus.)

The symbolism of Baphomet (a Satanic deity) can be clearly seen
in Jennifer Lopez's leotard and in the entire stage itself. It is as though
 the whole show is a Satanic offering and the children in cages represent
some type of sacrifice.

The rope seems to symbolize the willful submission to Satanic
enslavement. This reference is common within imagery of Baphomet.

One cannot sensibly claim to be fighting for children's rights while exposing them to the kind of hypersexual objectification of women typically found in a gentlemen's club. (This is not to say that a woman cannot choose how she behaves at any given time, but merely to state the fact that any sensible person will know the difference between an appropriate and inappropriate situation.) The reason productive society avoids sexualizing children is that nature designed sex for mature adults (That is, mature; as in both mentally and physically).

Naturally, anyone concerned with real progress will maintain a healthy focus upon natural order. Otherwise, they run the risk of destroying themselves, as human beings cannot survive on artifice alone.

To demonstrate actual pole dancing and then to suggest the acts of oral and vaginal sex on stage is clearly not something functional parents would allow their children to watch. If a singer intends to point their microphone toward the audience, they simply do so. We have seen plenty of artists do this without making such suggestions in the past.

Common sense tells us that adherence to this natural standard is vital to our prosperity and survival. To add, the facts tell us that many of the people who are presently arguing for the sexualization of children are either on the verge of becoming registered sex offenders or already are.

Once again, we cannot sensibly claim to care about children's rights while approving of the robbery of their innocence. Gentlemen's clubs have age restrictions for a reason. However, we are not merely referring to sexual suggestiveness. Our focus is on much larger issues.

Below is our first article of interest which digests the events surrounding the 2020 Super Bowl. As we will see, this article demonstrates how January has historically been a peak month for child trafficking, sting operations, and many other related events.

* * * * *

Source: ABC 7

Published: February 4, 2020

More than 500 arrested in statewide human trafficking operation

LOS ANGELES (KABC)  More than 500 people were arrested in a statewide human trafficking operation, officials announced on Tuesday.

Law enforcement officials made the announcement during a news conference at the Hall of Justice in Downtown Los Angeles.

Officials said 518 people were taken into custody during the multi-agency effort called "Operation Reclaim & Rebuild."

The charges ranged from prostitution to human trafficking.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said, "This just one week, but this is 24-7, 365, all year long, all day long. The sex industry continues going on, continues exploiting defenseless people. So we are here to rescue them."

Read more at:

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These sex trafficking busts have seen a major increase since the beginning of the current administration. We might also note that when the above article mentions "defenseless people," they are referring to children and young adults. (We learn this from other news reports on this same issue.)

It is very likely, in my view, that those who decided to display children in cages at the Super Bowl halftime show were not promoting freedom and liberation for these kids. If these people cared about sheltering children from harm and maintaining their innocence, why include them in such a Satanically suggestive and sexually-charged stage performance? (For those who do not know, Satanism typically includes hypersexuality, pedophilia, and the rape and exploitation of children.)

'Smallville' Actress Allison Mack Arrested on Sex Trafficking and Forced Labor Charges in NXIVM Cult Case - Article and Commentary

It was almost as though the people behind the halftime show did not mind these kids being exposed to overt sexual content. With this in mind, it becomes easy (and yet difficult) to consider what else these people might be willing to expose children to in the name of business.

What if the halftime show wasn't designed to promote the freedom and liberation of children, but was intended to promote and advertise their sexual exploitation?

We may also note that January is believed to be a peak season for human traffickers to do their dirty business. This may explain why President Trump decided to bring awareness to the issue by declaring January, National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. It might also explain why at least two major trafficking/pedophilia busts have taken place around this same time period.

Let's take a look at another instance in which Super Bowl Sunday marked the conclusion of yet another massive child trafficking bust.

* * * * *

Published: February 05, 2019

By: Anna Giaritelli

FBI Arrests 169 in Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Sting

The FBI arrested a total of 169 people during an 11-day operation targeting human traffickers who flooded Atlanta with sex workers ahead of the Super Bowl.

From Jan. 23 through Feb. 2, a coalition of federal, state, and local law enforcement busted 26 people they said were trafficking the forced sex workers. The FBI said it also arrested 34 people who tried to have sex with minors.

The FBI arrested 94 people in a similar operation in Minneapolis during last year's game.

"[T]he operation’s goal was to raise awareness about sex trafficking by proactively addressing that threat during the Super Bowl and events leading up to the Super Bowl,” the FBI said in a statement. “Sex trafficking is not just a problem during large scale events, it is a 365-day-a-year problem in communities all across the country.”

Nine of the victims recovered by authorities were ages 14 to 17. Nine adult victims were also rescued.

Read more at:

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Was this all just a big coincidence? Was it merely chance that the 2020 halftime show demonstrated the same exploitation of children that was occurring in real life directly adjacent to the Super Bowl?

Why has there never been any mention of the global epidemic of human trafficking in conjunction with the Super Bowl until now?

CORPORATE MEDIA UNDER FIRE - NBC, ABC And CBS May have Helped Cover Up World’s Most Powerful Rape Rings

With what we have learned here, it becomes difficult to ignore the strong connections between the suggestions of Satanism, child exploitation, and hypersexuality during the 2020 halftime show. After considering all of these things, we may begin to realize that those who once complained about children detained at the southern border are not fully aware of the true situation. In fact, the issue of overcrowding at the border may pale in comparison to the organized and ongoing exploitation of children on a global scale.

From what we have learned about Jeffery Epstein, it becomes difficult to imagine any morally conscious person ignoring his detestable organization of child exploitation. It makes us wonder why the media has ignored this issue of organized child trafficking for so long.

It's also interesting to see the subtle reference to Epstein's
infamous Pedophile Island in the outfits of the backup dancers.

When we see the open displays of captive children like this, it's important to know that these public displays are actually regular among Luciferians and Satanists. These cults typically enjoy subtly hinting at their own heinous crimes in front of large audiences. It's part of their black magic, as they believe.

They think that if they show us these crimes and we do nothing to prevent such crimes from happening, then they are free to do as they please. According to sources, these dark occultists actually consider it humorous to reveal their dark agenda this way because they don't expect anyone to learn the truth.

With all of this in mind, it does not seem very far-fetched to think that the wealthy interests who funded such a negatively suggestive halftime show would also choose to fund certain aspects of human trafficking operations—whether nationally or globally. We've seen it before. We know it's occurring, and in my view, no true moral standard would allow such ghastly atrocities to continue.

Both in 2019 and in 2020, there have been massive sting operations that ended in the arrest and prosecution of hundreds of human/child traffickers and the rescuing of dozens of their victims. This is one of many events that tell us that the age of rampant exploitation of children is coming to an end.
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