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VIDEO - Project Looking Glass, Q, and the Reality behind Q's Numerous Accurate Future Predictions

The year 2019 was a very interesting span of history. Of course, this was the year of numerous disclosures from both mainstream and independent media. But more than this, 2019 turned out to be a time of unprecedented revelation.

Many Americans (roughly 10% of citizens) are now believed to be avid followers of the online source, Q Anon. This is understandable, considering the value this source has offered to the people of the world (and the situation the U.S. is currently in). Yet beyond the typical intrigue of Q, 2019 brought forward disclosures from this source which no one was likely expecting.

Naturally, those who have kept up-to-date with Q have been more than impressed by the information their posts have revealed over the months and years. Yet none of us expected to learn that this source had the technological ability to view past and future events in real time.

Is Time an Illusion? Could the Universe Be a Thought? - Addressing Profound Declarations and Discoveries in Modern Science and Philosophy

This seemingly science-fictional and yet very demonstrable component to the Q phenomenon has had a profound impact on the truth and disclosure community—more so than nearly any past source. Though many of us had theorized beforehand that Q had some type of advanced technology at their disposal, very few Q followers may have predicted that the search for truth would lead us to the exploration of the futuristic technologies of time viewing and time travel.

These subjects are vast and deserve our independent individual analysis. But for now, let's allow this intriguing presentation to speak for itself. The following video comes from the YouTube channel Where We Go 1 We Go All and very well digests the perplexing revelations which the Q team recently disclosed.

Though there may be a few important avenues of research the video does not cover, the discussion in general is very eye-opening in its subject matter.

Below is an excerpt from a past DTM article which discusses some of the more recent scientific discoveries regarding the nature of spacetime, the possibilities of time viewing, time travel, and more.

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According to Dr. Nassim Haramein's model in theoretical physics, gravity is the creative force which forms matter at a fundamental level. This means that in order for any matter to exist, this constant flow of spacetime into the nucleic center of everything from the atom must be constant. In other words, the atom has its foundational components of the proton/nucleus and the electron cloud, but requiring the continuous flow of spacetime/gravity in order to exist, and all matter at every scale functions in this same way.

Wilcock adds a few concepts to this idea. These came from a groundbreaking paper written by Dr. Oliver Crane titled, “Central Oscillator and Space-Quanta-Medium.” In this paper, Dr. Crane states that the manifestation of photons is the direct result of the flow of gravity into an object's center of mass. If this is true, it means that the pyramid is not only a gravity/spacetime collector, but a photon collector and emitter as well. It may even be that these photons are the origin of the ideas of the fire in the middle and the house of energy.

An example of the relationship between photons and gravity as black holes absorb everything including light

We may also remember the concept of gravity as three-dimensional in that it flows into all spherical objects equally from all sides. This renders Einstein’s model of relativity with a problem. The Einsteinian model of gravity has been shown to be somewhat incomplete since its introduction. This inaccurate representation of gravity was a subject I wrote about from the previous episode of Wisdom Teachings titled, “Pyramid Power - Fire in the Middle.” There was one subject from this episode that I elaborated upon which was relative to Einstein’s theories on gravity. Below is an excerpt from that article.

The Fluid Universe – A New Model of Relativity

Dr. Nassim Haramein is a well-accomplished physicist who has rewritten many of the fundamental ideas which most scientists formerly took for granted. Nassim had a difficult time in early school, as the lessons within science didn't quite make sense to him. There were areas of consideration which the classes did not cover.

A depiction of the 2D model of gravity

As he progressed in his education and career, he found that many of these questions were still left unanswered by the scientific mainstream. So he set out to answer them himself. This is the situation in which his most profound discoveries in quantum physics were made.

The action of 2D gravity upon planetary bodies

Nassim Haramein theorized that space-time was a fluid, though these findings seemed to be contrary to Einsteinian relativity in a number of ways. Einstein envisioned that space-time was something similar to a sheet or a flexible plane, and that gravity was a result of the existence of the planetary and astral bodies which sit on top of this sheet.

As David Wilcock pointed out, there is a problem with this model because it would only work on a single plane. Unless gravity only worked on this single plane within space, this model is inaccurate. Gravity is omnidirectional. It doesn't happen on just one plane like a deformed sheet. It works no matter the arrangement, or the angle of interaction between two bodies.

So what's the solution? The solution is that relativity needs a bit of tweaking, and this is exactly what Nassim Haramein did. He theorized that space-time is fluid-like. This is the only way the fact of omnidirectional gravity could be explained. This idea was rejected at first, but eventually, the scientific establishment began to allow their mindset to be somewhat flexible.

Along with this, Haramein found that the mathematics surrounding the functionality of the black hole is directly proportional to that of the nucleus of the atom. The explanation behind this is rather complex, but in short, he found enough evidence to conclude that the physics of a black hole is the exact same physics of that which governs the atomic nucleus. This finding held numerous implications.

This is a relatively simple concept to understand. As with any planetary body, the same general gravitic pull will be experienced by a nearby object irrespective to that object's angle of approach. As every planetary body is generally spherical, it will absorb gravity/spacetime equally from all sides. Relativistically speaking, we could say that the presence of the planet, the atom, or an object of any size is curving the spacetime around it and absorbing it at the same time. This cannot be done with a planar model of spacetime. This is why Einstein’s model does not work in 3-dimensional space.

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