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'RELEASE THE INDICTMENTS' - A Powerful Statement and Sentiment Shared by Thousands of Freedom-Loving Americans

Have you ever had something to say that you felt was extremely important, but you weren't sure how to say it? Have you wanted to see progress in the world in a particular form, but that progress seemed like it was miles away? It's times like these when we realize the need to find a louder voice and a simpler and yet effective means of communication.

Realizing the Need

Many of us may know about the present and unprecedented legal situation here in the U.S. That is, the creation of over 100,000 sealed indictments and court records by the Department of Justice in just over three years. Under normal circumstances, the average number for such court records is only around 1,000 per year. Yet as of right now, the number of these sealed cases is astronomical and still climbing.

To add, there appear to be countless legal situation within the U.S. where the law is either being flagrantly broken or dismissed altogether by government officials. Those who appear to be most guilty of serious crimes (sometimes even confessing in public) go free while the authorities tasked with lawfully investigating these alleged offenses are demonized by media and prevented from completing their jobs.

FURTHER DISTRICT COURT INDICTMENTS UNSEALED: Clinton Foundation-Connected Bank 'Mossack Fonseca' Tied to Recent Money Laundering Case

This situation has been clear for a number of decades, but has escalated to unignorable levels in the past four years. It's a situation which has left many freedom-loving Americans frustrated as to when the truth will be revealed and when justice will be served.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the current situation is the apparent lack of ability to express our desire for justice to others. This is largely because the depth of research required to learn about the need for said justice is too large for the average person to undertake. That is, the average person—instead of seeking the truth and thinking for themselves—simply takes the easy route and blindly accepts whatever the loudest voice in mainstream news tells them.

This public need for greater information is also hindered by the fact that Big Media is consistently selling deceptive, biased, and false narratives in place of true and objective information. The situation as a whole leaves the independent thinkers feeling isolated, frustrated, and believing that they are powerless to change the current situation here in the U.S.

But what if we weren't powerless?

Communication is Key

It can be difficult to define our greatest desires through spoken words. Though some are quite skilled at expressing themselves verbally, many people still find it particularly arduous to speak their mind well in front of others.

For instance, if we were to share our independent views on how to improve our society—that is, outside of the mindless talking points of mainstream media—many would likely find the task difficult.

In our modern age of information, we are gifted with countless mediums of communication. Most of these are technology-based—such as our smartphones, Skype, texting, the internet (generally speaking), and more. Yet despite all of the technological opportunities we have for connecting, few of these methods trump that of normal everyday conversation.

Even for those of us who speak more easily, it can still be difficult to progress a conversation beyond the point of small-talk and discuss more meaningful subjects. To add, most of our technology has worked to separate us from our fellow human (instead of bringing us closer together) so that verbal communication is often avoided altogether. Combined with the volatile social climate of our current society, these factors can cause us difficulty in simply sharing ideas with the people around us.

It's as though the situation needs an icebreaker.

The Power of Suggestion

When it comes down to it, true information is best distributed by normal rudimentary conversation. Yet when discussing more complex topics, the task requires quite a bit of tact.

It's natural for those of us with exceptional knowledge about a given subject to desire to speak in depth about that subject; however, when discussing such important topics as societal needs, we do not want to overwhelm anyone with too much information. Rather, instead of overwhelming a person with multiple complex subjects, it can actually be more effective to offer a simple idea or question about that subject.

By offering a mere suggestion, we can actually help people to begin their own process of learning whenever they are ready.

Raise a question. Plant a seed; send a message that will stick with your audience even though they may not initially understand that message. If the suggestion is simple, responsible, constructive, and beneficial to humanity as a whole, why not share it?

This subtle encouragement of learning and awakening is actually the goal behind the new DTM brand, Conscious Swag. Each design of this brand is intended to peak the interests of the average person while encouraging greater awareness of the truth behind the suggestion. Whether the interest is conscious or subconscious, the idea is to use these designs to plant seeds so that when the individual gets around to asking their own questions, they will have one or more stepping stones in mind to help them along the way.

In this way, a small suggestion becomes a very powerful tool of awakening. The seed becomes the tree. And the more seeds we plant, the bigger and more vibrant the forest will become.

Dimensions of Disclosure 2019 - "Metaphysical Activism: The Internal Art of Disclosing the Impossible" with Simon Esler

This is, of course, a larger discussion and can help each of us to more effectively communicate and to assist those around us. We may discuss these topics more in depth in the future, but for now, here are some inexpensive tools designed to help us make an impact in this way.

Designs such as the one below can also serve as a means of public outcry to inform those at the helm of positive global change that we are ready and waiting to see justice done. These are just two of the simple and yet effective statements we as a collective can make in order to see the change we've been waiting for. Such statements can also assist the unaware in coming up to speed on the situations that affect them most.

For those of us who are awake and diligently learning for ourselves, the time to assist those around us is now.

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This design is actually intended to encourage those who have the power and influence to achieve justice for the U.S. However, it can also act as a great conversation starter. There's actually a more informative version at the DTM store which gives a concise background of the sealed indictments and what they can achieve for our society once these indictments are released.

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