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COVER STORY - Recent Yahoo Report Attempts to Manicure Full Whistleblower Testimony of Big Tech Treachery

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Have you ever seen a mainstream news report that you thought was incomplete? Granted, nearly every report from mainstream media nowadays is partial, misleading, and promotes half-truths. However, there are some reports which seem to go above and beyond the typical propagandistic distortion and act to distract the unsuspecting public from the larger picture. One recent report from Yahoo News seems to fit this agenda of excessive distortion/cover-up quite well.

A recent post from Yahoo claims that a number of top Google execs were found to be violating human rights for financial gain. The premise of this news story was largely accurate; however, the report seemed notably incomplete when compared to past disclosures regarding Google.

We may remember the eye-opening interviews from former Google employees (turned whistleblowers) such as Greg Coppola, Zachary Vorhies, and Robert Epstein. These three former employees helped to uncover the un-American, unethical, and largely treasonous plots behind the Google agenda which, beforehand, no one knew much about. (Of course, there were also the undercover videos by Project Veritas that showed Google execs/employees confessing to these heinous acts as well.)

These agendas appeared to undermine the American government and the electoral processes as a whole. And the video evidence toward the fact was so strong that when faced with it, we find it difficult to honestly deny the criminality it suggests. These agendas, of course, were for Google personnel to use their internet platform to undermine and nullify the people's vote here in the U.S. and to promote the fascist control structures of communist China.

This nefarious plot goes far beyond any attempt by Google employees to make underhanded financial gains. If this agenda is true to the situation, it becomes easy to see why mainstream media would want to overshadow these damning disclosures with manicured half-truths.

If you want the real story unedited and thorough, listen to the whistleblowers outside the corporate media spin cycle and ask the appropriate questions. What did the Google whistleblowers reveal to us which the recent Yahoo article fails to mention? What damning truths have the whistleblowers shared with the public which Yahoo refrains from mentioning? What risks have these authentic whistleblowers taken in order to give the public the truth which the following Yahoo article avoids acknowledging?

These questions and others will help us to realize there is something more to the following report which the website refrains from telling us. Though it is good to see a mainstream media source acknowledging corruption in Big Tech, the fact that these media interests are promoting a partial disclosure of the truth does not speak well of the interests behind such reports.

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Source: Yahoo News

Published: January 2, 2020

By: Blake Montgomery

Former Google Exec: Company Put Profits Over Human Rights

A former Google policy executive accused the company of choosing profits over human rights in a searing essay published Thursday.

Ross LaJeunesse, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Maine and Google’s former head of international relations, blamed the leadership team that has replaced founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page—Alphabet/Google CEO Sundar Pichai, CFO Ruth Porat, and former Google Cloud leader Diane Greene—for failing to live up to the company’s original model of “Don’t be evil.” He left the company in April after 11 years.

“Just when Google needed to double down on a commitment to human rights, it decided to instead chase bigger profits and an even higher stock price,” he wrote in the essay, titled “I Was Google’s Head of International Relations. Here’s Why I Left.” He left the company without signing a nondisclosure agreement, according to The Washington Post.

In 2010, Google decided to stop censoring search results, which infuriated the Chinese government and shut the company out of the world’s largest internet market for the better part of the past decade. But soon after the decision, LaJeunesse wrote, Google executives in charge of Google Maps and Android ignored that precedent and began lobbying to launch their own products. Google later began building a censored search engine, Dragonfly, in cooperation with the Chinese government. When news of the project leaked, 1,400 employees signed a petition criticizing Google’s leadership for their lack of transparency, and Pichai has said in congressional testimony the company has stopped working on the product.

LaJeunesse said executives, particularly in Google’s cloud computing division, sought to shut him out of international policy decisions in order to circumvent thorny human rights debates as it pursued deals with the Saudi Arabian government. When LaJeunesse advocated for a binding company-wide commitment to human rights, he said, executives waffled and produced thin excuses to say no. His boss told him such a commitment might increase Google’s legal liability.

“I then realized that the company had never intended to incorporate human rights principles into its business and product decisions,” he wrote.

Google issued a statement in response to LaJeunesse: "We have an unwavering commitment to supporting human rights organizations and efforts… Ross was offered a new position at the exact same level and compensation, which he declined to accept. We wish Ross all the best with his political ambitions."

LaJeunesse also described internal company strife. LaJeunesse said his superiors routinely bullied their subordinates, particularly young women. During a diversity training, Google’s human resources segregated various minorities into rooms labelled with blunt descriptions like “homos” (LaJeunesse is gay) and “brown people,” he wrote. When he raised the issue with HR, he said, a senior executive dispatched someone to “do some digging” on LaJeunesse and accidentally sent him the assigning email. LaJeunesse said Google later told him there was no longer a job for him at the company, despite 90 open positions on the policy team.

LaJeunesse closed the essay by advocating for stricter regulations of tech companies.

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