Monday, December 16, 2019

FBI EXPOSED: Lindsey Graham and A.G. William Barr Weigh in on FISA Abuses and FBI Bias/Corruption

There's been an extremely significant change recently. Have you noticed?

The publication of the Inspector General's FISA report seems to have shifted the entire political climate of Washington D.C., the media, and to some extent, the American public.

True, the distorted, deceptive, and smear-mongering narratives against all things related to Trump are still ongoing to some extent. However, following the release of the I.G. report, these narratives and scams no longer seem to have the inertia they once did.

It seems that in one profound instant, the talking points of certain bias (and apparently hateful) public figures changed from one of arrogant antagonism of the American presidency to one of frantic sustenance of their now-crumbling propaganda campaign.

We now know that the crimes presently being disclosed were not committed by President Donald Trump but were, instead, committed by many of those who yelled their accusations against the president the loudest. This tactic of Big Lie has been employed by alleged Deep State assets for a disgraceful three years (and longer, in fact). Yet despite the recent destruction of this manipulative campaign, some media companies (now seen by many to be fake news) are still attempting to sell these fraudulent and unproven (yet popularized) accusations as truth.

Though the continued manipulation, lying, and propagandization of the legacy media can be frustrating, we might keep in mind that this dishonesty by corporate media is only quickening the self-implosion of this provably corrupt media establishment.

The discussion about the multiyear smear and propaganda campaign against President Trump can be just as extensive as the campaign itself. However, given the insurmountable (and largely manipulative) opinionation we have received from the legacy media, it seems best to leave the reliable commentary to the officials revealing these details.

These officials are tasked with taking action against the crimes committed by seditious FBI agents and their co-conspirators, after all. And since the people have become overloaded with the endless scapegoating of the United States president by the corporate media, it seems fitting that we allow reliable official voices to set the record straight.

Along with the official commentary of Governor Lindsay Graham, one media company managed to do a relatively decent job interviewing Attorney General William Barr on a number of topics. Though NBC appears to have attempted their regular tactic of antagonism and narrative spinning, A.G. Barr seems to have used this opportunity to teach the American public what prudence, care, and thoroughness look like amid the contrasting chaos, dishonesty, and overall obsolescence that is the corporate media.

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